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Digital printing in the ‘post covid digital era’


Kuldeep Malhotra, Dy. Managing Director, Konica Minolta India, shares his views on the status of digital printing after the pandemic.

The Covid-19 pandemic and the succeeding lockdowns profoundly disrupted the global printing industry as the industry players struggled to stay operational with dwindling print purchases. Today while much of the pandemic-induced restrictions have receded, it has resulted in a lasting impact on printing businesses with many switching to new work models permanently. However in times to come, we can expect bigger and more promising things to arrive in the sector. Here is a deep dive into how the digital printing industry is evolving in the post covid digital era.

Printing is here to stay

Ever since the inception of digital printing, it has dramatically transformed the way marketing, packaging and customer service is performed. The industrial digital printing space, despite taking a hit from the pandemic, will continue to soar in the coming years as enterprises and organizations including universities, hospitals etc. require high quality printed materials on a daily basis. Another interesting trend being witnessed by the sector is that printers are now tapping on new revenue opportunities like embellishment with vanishing and foiling.

The rising potential of online digital printing

Online digital printing has resulted in significant convenience for businesses, consumers and this trend is poised to dominate the sector in the coming years. Today with commercial printing firms offering online uploads of designs and images for signage, brochures, greeting cards, photo-books and much more, the industry has been evolving.

The coming decade will witness online ordering becoming the most preferred method for customers to avail their digitally printed materials. The unprecedented growth of online & ecommerce will also result in more job creation in the industry and in the local markets, improving the contribution of the print industry in the country’s economic growth.

Focus on cost-effective operations

Digital printing, with its cutting-edge technology leverages less toxic chemicals as compared to conventional printing processes like offset and solid ink printing. This is why digital printing solutions will witness a surge in demand by printers as they focus on green and cost efficient printing.

Digital printing to pave the way for better revenue opportunities

Technological advancement has always resulted in more beneficial ways for enterprises to expand their offerings. With digital printing machines becoming more efficient, profit margins are expected to grow considerably. With marketers betting big on exposure for their brands, digital printers can expect a consistent growth in their businesses.

Digital industrial printing players are also eyeing strategies to switch to changing market dynamics after a host of printers lost businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Printers are now expanding their portfolio of products and services rather than sticking to one niche. Offering a 360-degree product offering to customers ensures that they don’t have to go elsewhere for their print marketing campaigns.

Value added services

With digital printing gaining rapid adoption, commercial printers are offering more value added services particularly after they receive online orders via their websites.

Today vendors of all shapes and sizes are devising strategies to foster stronger relationships with their customers and to connect with them on a one on one basis and digital printing firms are keeping a close watch on these developments to unlock their true potential.

Automation will be the future

Automation will play a fundamental role in enabling printing businesses to bounce back in the post Covid-19 era. Today printers are operating with a lesser workforce and are focusing extensively on leveraging multiple revenue streams. This will result in an increased adoption of automation tools to ensure enhanced productivity and connectivity from start to finish.

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