HP Indigo launches V12 at Labelexpo 2022


At Labelexpo Americas (September 13-15, 2022), HP Indigo showcased the HP Indigo V12 Digital Press to the public for the first time. The HP Indigo V12 Digital Press presented at Labelexpo will be installed at the first beta customer in US.

According to HP, the HP Indigo V12 Digital Press will allow label converters to continue outgrowing the label market. As a result, brands will benefit from an agile and sustainable supply chain without compromising on print quality or packaging innovation, says the company.

“The V12 will change the math of label printing, the sweet spot of HP Indigo print will grow to cover 70 – 80% of a label converter’s job basket,” said Eli Mahal, head of labels and packaging marketing, HP Indigo. “The HP Indigo V12 Digital Press printing side-by-side with the HP Indigo 6K, the HP Indigo 8K and the mid-web HP Indigo 25K Digital Presses will allow for customers to run an extremely efficient digital label factory, grow their business, and diversify into shrink sleeves, pouches and web 2 pack. We’re extremely excited to be bringing this to Chicago in September and welcome everyone to the stand to hear and see the V12 in action.”

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