BOBST wins its 14th Golden Cylinder Award for technical innovation


BOBST’s Advanced Register Control for Precision Printing and ECG in Gravure has been judged “Best of the Best” in the Technical Innovation category of the 2022 Golden Cylinder Awards. The coveted award was presented to Kurt Oegerli, Sales Manager, Bobst North America Inc., during the AIMCAL 2022 R2R Conference (September 26-29 2022, Orlando, FL, USA).

The new advanced register control system consists of a new set-up and advanced functions of BOBST’s automatic register control, Registron. One of its main advantages is that the press operator can make a correction immediately after the colour is printed, without having to wait for the images to be displayed on the web viewer. An additional benefit for the efficiency of gravure technology is realized during job changeovers: downtime for press set-up is greatly reduced and consequently, so is the waste that is generated in the process.

Furthermore, the new advanced function of the register control is the technical innovation that enables easy and controlled handling of ECG printing in gravure, by controlling the register on the whole printed surface, enabling a reel report of the register quality.

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