Schumacher Packaging & Display Installs Highcon Beam 2C System


Highcon Systems Ltd. has announced that Schumacher Packaging & Display, part of the German Schumacher Packaging Group, has installed a Highcon Beam 2C system to unlock new business opportunities and further advance its digitalization of production processes. By utilizing Highcon’s digitally driven mechanical crease lines with laser die cutting and digital stripping, Schumacher can run more jobs per shift, offer shorter run lengths with no MOQs, and eliminate waste while enhancing packaging and customer engagement for customers throughout Europe.

Driven by the evolving needs of the packaging and display markets and the rise in e-commerce, the Highcon technology has been installed at its Breda site in the Netherlands since August 2022. It’s a key component in the company’s 700m investment in future-proofing the business and enabling it to produce sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging. It also supports its vision for a fully digital packaging workflow to meet brands’ dynamic needs.

According to Bob Malfliet, General Manager at Schumacher Breda, “The laser cutting technology utilized within the Highcon digital cut and creasing system is amazing. It can punch out even the finest structures and shapes, producing box structures that just can’t be replicated by any other method. It’s also fully automatic and requires no tooling, which means that we can offer our FMCG customers, stand-out products with a much quicker job turnaround. This will be key in winning work from the healthcare market, our next big growth target.”
The Highcon Beam 2C digital finishing solution eliminates the wood, metal, and rubber used to produce a conventional die, as well as removes their required transportation and storage. Highcon’s non-crush process also maintains the integrity of the box, enabling lightweight and rightsizing – facilitating the production of strong boxes, but with dramatically reduced waste.

The Schumacher Group is a pioneer of modern high-performance digital printing for corrugated packaging.


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