India bags 18 awards at WorldStar Global Packaging Awards 2023


The Indian packaging industry is fast gaining recognition. As many as 18 entries from India bagged the WorldStar Global Packaging Awards 2023.

WPO has recently announced the 228 winners of the WorldStar Global Packaging Awards 2023, of which India bagged 18 awards. In a record edition, the Award registered 488 entries, from 41 countries. In the previous edition (2022) there were 440 competitors from 37 countries. “These numbers confirm that WorldStar is the most prestigious and important packaging award in the globe,” celebrates Soha Atallah, WorldStar Coordinator and WPO Vice President of Events.

The Top 5 most awarded countries of the WorldStar 2023 edition are: Japan – 26 awards; Australia & New Zealand – 19 awards; India & Germany – 18 awards; Turkey – 14 awards; and Austria – 13 awards.

The 2023 edition is also special due to the introduction of two new main Categories – Gift Packaging and Digital Packaging – and one new Special Category – Accessible Packaging. About this, WPO Senior Vice President Marketing, Luciana Pellegrino, completes, “With these and all the other categories, WorldStar echoes the importance of packaging innovation on a global level, fostering science, technology and innovation, recognizing and encouraging packaging professionals to go beyond and engaging brands, packaging companies and design offices for greater possibilities.”

The India award winners are as follows:

Ultratech Crackfille
Company: BizongoDesworks
Category: Household

  1. Designing Ultratech’s first B2C product around their existing brand colours to leverage the equity Ultratech has built.
  2. Identifying the nozzle size for optimum flow.
  3. Incorporating a scrapper in the packaging.
  4. Making the packaging ergonomic.
  5. Designing a chain of blister packs with perforations for a heavy product.


  1. A clean identity that is scalable across various sizes and showcases the proposition.
  2. Realistic photography, graphical vectors & instructive iconography help communicate the purpose & usage of the product, even at a smaller scale.
  3. Showing the image of the product on the secondary carton showcased the differentiated product and allowed consumers to see the unique offering.
  4. Optimum nozzle dimension for consistent flow through test and trial with multiple off-the-shelf nozzles.
  5. Integrating scraper along with the cap to have few parts and avoid losing the scraper.
  6. Scraper can be used in broader and narrower areas, including corners.
  7. 2:1 perforation was used to make

Project Impact:

  1. Helped Ultratech enter the B2C segment with a strong visual identity & unique packaging structure.
  2. Helped the brand scale across various product sizes and colour variants with scalable designs.
  3. The utility packaging helped customers for convenient and efficient use of the product.

Paper based compostable tea envelope
Company: ‘ITC Limited’, ‘J V Gokal Private Limited’
Category: Beverages

India’s packaged tea market is worth of 170 billion INR/ annum which utilizes plastic packaging material of about 15,000 MT/ annum. The solution aims to replace the plastic packaging using novel compostable solution. The conventional tea packs are made of multilayer plastics or paper coated with plastics making it difficult to recycle. To overcome the problem, ITC had developed a novel solution which is 100% biodegradable and compostable sealant coating which helps in developing a compostable package.

On supporting the above claim, the product has been tested and certified by Central Institute of Plastics Engineering and Technology recognized under Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers, Govt. of India as a compostable material. The product has been commercialized for tea envelope brands like Reva tea and English breakfast. This is an innovative product which can be horizontally deployed in replacing plastics in the segments like pasta, pulses and soaps category which has a bigger impact in placing a sustainable footprint and these are tried out and successfully validated.

Self Seal Box
Company: ‘Craft Packaging’, Craft Display
Category: E-Commerce

Self Seal Box is the future of e-commerce packaging, It’s made of 3ply corrugated cardboard which can be easily recycled. The engineering of pack is a state-of-the-art design which allows one to pack or seal the product without the help of sealing materials viz, glue, tapes, shrink film etc. Once the product is packed in the self seal box, there is no need for gluing or taping to seal it. Also, you don’t require any knife or scissor to open it, with the help of perforation marks and well-structured engineering the box ends can be teared out to open. And it doesn’t end here, one can easily close it after tearing, but it won’t be sealed after tearing the ends.

Renocrit Injection – A Promise To Sustainability Goals
Company: Zydus Lifesciences Limited
Category: Medical and Pharmaceutical

Renocrit 2000 IU/0.5Ml Injection is a high value and important product used in treatment of cancer. Product needs storage and transportation condition of 2 to 8 degree centigrade (cold chain). Product is supplied in glass PFS (Pre Filled Syringe) and needs protection against breakage to avoid huge loss on account of glass breakage. The company changed tray holding glass PFS from two-piece (PVC Lid + HIPS Base) to single piece (PVC Base tray) tray with reduced weight and size. Size is reduced by 40% and total weight is reduced by 78%. Similar savings in secondary and tertiary is also achieved. Reduction in storage and transportation cost and energy consumption is achieved up to 50%. Due to reduction in tray size, 24 units were produced against 10 trays in each cycle. This has helped to increase productivity and reduce electricity consumption at packaging material supplier’s end by 240%. Elimination of HIPS tray, weight and size reduction in overall packaging and cold chain energy savings all put together greatly contributed to the environment by reduction of 65 tons/annum. This has helped to save corresponding values of Co2 and other Green House Gases (GHG).

Transport Package for 45 Kgs Stadium Light
Company: Bajaj Electricals
Category: Electronics

Non-conventional approach to packaging was achieved with a fully functional 5-ply corrugated box & grid/partition. Both box & partition is made with recyclable paper of 20 BF. A-A-A flute partition imparts high load-bearing capacity to 270kg+ dynamic load with no carton/product/stack damage. Stacking increased to 6 high improving storage space & longer periods of the stack. Structural strength using paper was successfully implemented with minimal product contact, movement lock sustaining 10 drops & tipping test.

The efficiently designed package reduced cushioning material consumption to nil. Optimized dimension, PM cost savings by 5% with improvement in package volume, storage, and transportation space with zero waste.

Recyclable laminate manufactured with green energy
Company: ITC Limited, Fresh And Honest Cafe Limited
Category: Beverages

Coffee packaging demands very high level of protection of moisture vapor and oxygen. To replace the multi material coffee packaging,the company developed an ultra-high barrier poly olefinic recyclable packaging solution with high heat resistant BOPP/ ultra-high barrier metallized BOPP/ Ultra low sealable PE.Top layer of the laminate is coated with a specially developed matt varnish which provides the texture of matt finish and the high heat resistivity developed at the time of sealing the pack. The three-ply pack is developed specially to withstand the puncture made by sharp coffee beans at the same time provides ultrahigh barrier to the product which is required to retain the aroma which is the key element in coffee. As the product tends to release gas and the entrapped gas in the pack makes it to bulge. Hence a gas valve is heat sealed with the laminate at very high temperature. The laminate is well designed to withstand the extreme temperature sealing.

Nucoxia Injection – ‘Snap Tray’ – with in-built ampoule breaking feature
Company: Zydus Lifesciences Limited
Category: Medical and Pharmaceutical

Novel design innovation implemented in Ampoule tray – it’s ‘Functional Tray’ with inbuilt ampoule cutter (Design Application No: 359551-001 at India Patent Office). The tray is developed; to facilitate ampoule breaking as an in-built feature, to avoid injuries happening with conventional glass ampoule breaking methods and to ensure environment friendly collection of medical waste. Apart from convenience and safety against glass injuries, thoughtfully designed packaging system eases life of healthcare professionals by providing availability of aids (accessories) required to inject product in same pack.

Paper based soap wrappers
Company: Huhtamaki India Ltd
Category: Health and Personal Care

These soap wrappers were launched with an objective to eliminate usage of conventional PET based wrapper and go plastic free with paper-based soap wrappers. This solution is compatible with existing machine lines and offers easy recovery of paper for repulping during recycling, when compared with laminated soap wrappers (PET-based) where paper is sandwiched in the middle.

Black Dog – Black And Gold Reserve Cartons
Company: ITC Limited, Diageo India
Category: Beverages

This brand is launched in two variants Triple Gold Reserve and Black Reserve. The revamping has been done by usage of a variety of printing technologies (combination of offset & gravure processes) and various value addition operations like dripoff-gloss texture, multi-colored hot foil stampings, intricate embossing of key elements to represent the brand concept that nature relies on harmonious interaction of its elements. This pack goes through a unique manufacturing process – pasting of two folded flaps to prevent the visibility of manufacturing joint and to give the pack a flawless continuity of all panels.

In Triple Gold Reserve, the packaging is developed using virgin board and is printed with lustrous metallic silver ink using gravure technology inorder to give a gleaming base effect. Brand Colors are overprinted through UV offset printing technology. In Black reserve variant, as its name implies is given a rich black background with a blend of mild colors printed using offset technology. Gloss and drip-off effect has been used intelligently in strategic places to give the pack a premium finish and to enhance the branding. Multi colored Foils (copper & blue) are stamped to reproduce intricate text and Embossing finish adds further enhancement to the Brand. Altogether this package with significant shelf visibility of the iconic Black Dog Roundel has been sculpted in such a manner that each element in the pack have its significance, without comprising the visual appeal of one brand element to another.

Consumer Packaging 1 & 5 ltr Dr Fixit Pack
Company: Pidilite Industries Ltd
Category: Other

The Pack designed to Connote strength through its stackable design. Ease of pouring of the product from the shape with better compressive strength. The pack made with 3 layer extrusion blow moulding machine so as to facilitate use of post consumer recycled material. The packs are designed from transport worthiness point of view i.e. without transit damage during long distance travelling & also to achieve leak proofness. The aesthetics of the containers are achieved by providing sufficient label space for displaying the branding in front & back panel. From operational point of the off centre orifice provides ease of operation in synchronized processes such as filling, plugging, capping & labelling with desired speed.

KsheerRatn Ghee – Ceramic Pack
Company: Dharampal Satyapal Limited
Category: Packaging Materials and Components

To promote sustainable environment friendly packaging, ceramic has been used as the packaging material. The distinctive geometrical pattern on the jar surface gives it a premium look. The pattern also signifies the traditional architectural patterns found across India. The first reason to choose ceramic over another material is that Ceramic keeps the product hotter for a longer period of time. It is the most neutral material in terms of flavour. So it eliminates changes of leaching of aroma or any oils.

Treat Ice Cream Tub and Lid
Company: ITC Limited, Innodis Limited
Category: Food

Treat Ice-Cream Tub and Lid is one of the classic sustainable developments, specially meant for deep freezing applications. Treat Ice-Cream Tub & Lid research and development was carried out keeping in mind the 3R Green Concept (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle), the first R “Reduce” has been incorporated in this package design. Treat Ice-Cream Tub and Lid are made of virgin specialty paperboard coated with a thin layer of Polyethylene (PE) on both sides. These tub and lid are precisely manufactured through highly advanced machineries, which enables the properties of leak proof and spill proof, thus making it more suitable for filling the creams in liquid state directly into the tubs and then freezing the creamy liquids for conversion into ice creams.

Usage of high grammage both side Polyethylene coated food-grade virgin specialty board, has activated the package with required mechanical properties and adequate barrier properties, thus making the tub and lid solemnly suitable of ice cream packaging. Another feature of high appreciation are the adoring graphic designs, which beautifully depicts the tempting flavors of the product shot, simultaneously enhancing branding. The surface of the tubs is printed through offset technology using Low Migration Inks, making the tubs safe and hygienic. Whereas flexographic printed labels are pasted on top of the lids, enabling branding through lids too. Both the Tubs and lids are given a sheeny effect through high gloss coating, adds as an icing to the cake, making the package aesthetically appealing. All together these tubs and lids are delicately made with great care and hygiene for making it a reputable, functional and appealing package in the market.

Push and Break Inner Plug for Indulekha Hair Oil Pack
Company: Hindustan Unilever Ltd
Category: Health and Personal Care

The present invention relates to a Hair oil applicator. The invention more particularly relates to a container fitted with a closure comprising an applicator that ensures highly uniform application of the oil on to the hair and especially the scalp while eliminating leakage from the screwed-on closure threads that is often observed with conventional bottle closures. This is non-obvious solution, in the form of a “Breakoff tab” on the closure nozzle (Inner Plug) along with specific configuration of the inner side of the threaded cap.

The applicator includes counter threads, an elongated horizontally placed distributor tube, an “inner cylindrical stopper, and an outer cylindrical stopper” this creates a channel for the flowback of the residual oil from the nozzles into the container to avoid in use leakage. Also, this invention improved consumer convenience with hygienic product usage experience.

Oaken Glow Whisky
Company: Itc Limited, Pernod Ricard India
Category: Beverages

Oaken Glow Whisky carton package is inspired by the elements of nature and creatively curated to give the consumer a truly world-class elegant experience. The uniqueness of this package is the reproduction of finest print quality and intricate copper foiling on the specially developed virgin board with the uncoated surface of board, this helps in achieving a wooden texture communicating elements of nature. The quintessential graphic elements printed on the uncoated surface of the package resolutely depicts the combination of Bold Smoky, Rich Deep and Sensorial spirited smooth malt flavors of the whisky. The trust seal in red color on the pack is designed with perfection to represent integrity of the brand. The auto-lock bottom profile is easy to form the pack and the neck holder sleeve enable easy fitment and holding of the bottle inside the pack.

The graphics on the pack are created to provide a larger shelf display when two packs are placed next to each other. This will double the display of content in the front of the pack and has a great shelf appeal. This highly sturdy mono carton paves the way for a safe transportation before and after reaching the hands of the consumer, through its high grammage virgin paperboard. Thus this package beautifully encapsulates the essence and passion of the brand through its idiosyncratic graphical and structural design.

Vicks Roll-On Inhaler
Company: Procter & Gamble
Category: Health and Personal Care

In the market there are separate inhaler for blocked nose and roll-on for headache relief packs available. This pack combined both in to 1 for user convenience. Vicks Roll-On Inhaler has been giving fast and temporary “mobile” relief from nasal clogging due to colds, hay fever or upper respiratory allergy. This little gem of a tube soothes clogged schnozzles and easily fits even in kiddie pockets. Heat transfer labelling for premium and neat look. Also, ink is resistance to product. A unique roll-on design without any ball applicator.

Kellogg Bag in Box to Doy pack Transition
Company: Kellogg India Pvt Ltd
Category: Food

Kellogg India is the leading Breakfast Cereal Brand,has successfully switched to first-of-its-kind packaging method from Bag in Box to a Doy pack thru new customized HFFS technology in 2020-2021. The advantages of this pack type are immense from environment sustainability and from consumer convenience perspective. This pack has reduced source utilization with a single packaging system and the compact design that enables easy storage and transportation. The Zip Lock retains freshness of the product while the pack design allows better perception of the quality while purchasing. With an improved laminate barrier, the product has a shelf life of 9 months and new pack saves over 30% of inventory and storage space across value chain. Compared to the BIB type, the Doy pack weighs over 80% lesser and saves material costs by 50-60% & reducing 1.5% of packaging waste as opposed to 6-7% with conventional packs.

The Doy pack is superior due to its ease of use and acceptance by the consumers as its a stand-alone pack type requiring no additional storage containers. The Doy pack also possesses the ability to print attractive graphics due to its design, thereby enabling marketing to effectively communicate product credentials on the packaging.

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