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Canopus Imaging Systems launches Andresjet Cylindrical UV LED Printer in India


The Andresjet 360i cylindrical inkjet printer from Canopus Imaging Systems is the latest addition to the successful Digital Cylinder Printer line. This new UV cylindrical printer features one print fixtures. The diameter of the product is 40mm-270mm, and the taper is within 7 degrees. All products are compatible with printing.

At the same time, the machine retains the extended upgrade settings. If customers need to print larger cylinders or cones, they can print by purchasing new fixtures designed by factory.

With this alternative and able flexible setting, this machine is best geared toward industries where production runs are medium to high including the drinkware market, barware market, spirit market, craft brew market (including cans and bottles), candle market,music drum market, Pet bowl market, fishing rod market, billiard cue market and many more.

This cylindrical inkjet printer is capable of printing at Helix or stepping ways and can be printed simultaneously with the same artwork.

As with its standard counterpart, the Andresjet 360i was designed to print full-color (CYMKWW+V) images on straight-walled and tapered cylinders. Achieve design techniques such as mirror print, tip-to-tip printing, spot varnish and more at extremely high-quality color reproduction.

In combination with the best print head technology to deliver 2.5-picoliter of ink droplets precisely along the surface of the vessel while it is spinning at a high rate , and also able to make high drop ink jet, which make sure cover all area printing of cone & tapered products Part or tooling changeover is just as simple as the flagship . Origin is settled, customer able move X and Z axis, which still is the fastest in the industry, part changeover with the fixture takes less than 5 minutes from start to finish. The automatic height adjust makes it easier than ever to ensure your part is at the right angle to print flawless graphics.

Andresjet offers a custom tooling service for all customers to perfectly fit different size cylinder&cone products to get you up and running quickly.

With authorized UV inkjet ink to get the best adhesion to glassware, barware, spirit bottles, beer bottles and more,this full-solution ensures printhead longevity as well as a sanitary process from start to finish.

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