Millennium Foto Express redefines photo album printing with RICOH


Monotech Systems has recently installed RICOH Pro C7200X at Millennium Foto Express, Delhi. In his remark on the milestone installation, Tarun Agrawal of Millennium Foto Express, says, “This new RICOH Graphic Arts Edition digital press in our production facility has redefined our overall capability in quality photo album printing.”

Millennium Foto Express was born as a millennium child at the onset of this millennium, and so is the name of the company. This popular printer at Yamuna Vihar in Delhi is a destination where professional photographers, photo enthusiasts, wedding planners, newly married couples, corporate biggies, and people from different walks of life gather for getting their memorable photographs printed in unique colour textures and formats. Tarun shares that they offer complete designing and printing solutions for personal and professional photographs at competitive prices.

He continues, “We have a team of 12 highly experienced photographers and photo printing professionals. In addition to our main forte in photo printing, we also engage in extensive commercial printing activities for a range of items like brochures, business cards, stickers, booklets, and others. Customised and personalised items are also the main attraction in our product portfolio.” For all these unconventional applications, he adds that the new RICOH Pro C7200X in their facility has fuelled them to use a unique colour gamut and other advancements of the press for adding extra enhancement to prints.

Tarun conveys, “Just think it, customise it, print it. We can do just about anything our customers want along with varieties of designs and colours to make their prints stand out.” He adds, “We are always ready to deliver full customisation options of commercial prints at affordable prices. Our exciting range of custom-made items in our current product catalogues includes personalised money envelopes, custom-design calendars, customised stickers, etc. We also specialise in the printing and production of personalised decks of playing cards, school ID cards, tags for shirts, and many other customised items.

“After all, it’s our new RICOH Pro C7200X with which we can now produce the whole gamut of personalized prints that drive higher response from our customers and pull their attention to the extra colour gamut. This RICOH digital press from Monotech Systems features a 5th Color Station for creating extra whitecolour texture along with gold,silver, and neon beyond the normal CMYK,” he says, adding that the press has eventually empowered Millennium Foto Express to produce prints in world-class standards.

RICOH Pro C7200X is designed to print on media up to 360 gsm at the speed of 85 ppm (pages per minute) with special options for extra colours. “After a thorough R&D in pursuit of the right press for our special task to redefine photo album printing and personalised items, we embarked upon this versatile RICOH digital press at Monotech Systems,” concludes Tarun.

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