Bombay Enterprise installs MGI AccurioShine 3600


Konica Minolta has recently installed MGI AccurioShine 3600 printing machine at Bombay Enterprise, Mumbai, which has been in print business operation for more than 2 decades in Mumbai. Here, Deepu Devda, Operational Director, Bombay Enterprise, shares more about the installation.

P&P: Congratulations for the installation of Konica Minolta AccurioShine 3600. What were the main reasons for opting for this machine?

Deepu: Initially, we were in the offset printing sector, but after understanding the enormous need in the market, we entered into production printing. To meet the market’s needs, we selected the AccurioShine 3600. Along with the machines, we also received thorough training from Konica Minolta. Although we do have other machines as well, we are happier with Konica Minolta’s services because they provide around-the-clock support. For the time being, we only have small machines in the unit, but we anticipate adding larger machines to our inventory. Naturally, there might be a hike in the price. However, we do have customers who are willing to bear this cost for optimum quality.

P&P: What kind of customers and applications are you targeting with this installation?

Deepu: We primarily serve the following market segments: brochures, cloth labelling, and cards (both visiting and invitation). However, in the future, we wish to diversify into the labelling industry so that we are positioned better to provide wine producers with UV and foil labels.

P&P: How do you plan to achieve an early ROI on this press?

Deepu: With the response of the machine and the targets we set to obtain an early return on investment, we expect the results to be favourable. We are currently targeting to increase foot traffic at our location as a crucial step to achieving our goal.

P&P: How was your experience with Konica Minolta?

Deepu: We selected the AccurioShine 3600 to meet our market needs. We received thorough training from Konica Minolta along with our machine. We are very happy with Konica Minolta’s round-the-clock support. So far, we only have small machines in the unit, but we intend to expand our relationship with Konica Minolta through larger machines. Though it comes with a reasonable price hike, we think KM is the best alternative.

P&P: A brief profile of your company and how does the new press fit into your installation base?

Deepu: Our customers were mainly in the print contracting and consultancy business. We gained major business from the BFSI segment. We shifted to in-house digital printing operations as the requirement for digital content increased. Today, with AccurioShine 3600 in place, we are positioned better to meet our customers’ changing requirements like digital embellishment, foil embellishment and others. The new press fits into our installation base as earlier expanding into production printing after realizing the huge demand of the market.

P&P: What are your future plans?

Deepu: Our future plans include investing in a large Konica Minolta machine in a different location. Due to Konica Minolta’s technology, paired with our consumers’ positive feedback, we have decided to invest in one more machine. Customers are willing to pay 7-8 rupees for a visiting card, as opposed to 2-3 rupees earlier, all because of the advances in machine technology and the high quality of the printing.

P&P: Anything else you would like to add?

Deepu: I would also like to point out that this is a significant financial commitment for both our customers and Konica Minolta. Therefore, we anticipate Konica Minolta providing some marketing and client acquisition assistance.

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