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TRACESCI Global presents Track and Trace solution for Pharmaceutical Sector at PharmaTech Chandigarh 2023


The pharmaceutical industry has long been coping with the issue of counterfeit or spurious drugs, and the challenges have only been exacerbated by the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a recent report published by CRISIL-ASPA on the State of Counterfeiting in India 2022, industry insiders estimate that 0.1-3 percent of medicines manufactured and sold in India are counterfeit, while distributors and authentication solution providers believe the number could be as high as 10-20 percent of the overall pharmaceutical market.

TRACESCI, a participant in the upcoming PharmaTech exhibition in Chandigarh from April 11-13, 2023, aims to create awareness in the market that intervention is necessary. The circulation of counterfeit drugs is detrimental to the growth of the pharma industry, and adopting anti-counterfeiting measures at the manufacturing location is crucial. TRACESCI advocates for the adoption of blockchain-based track and trace solutions that can provide manufacturers with 360-degree visibility and control over their supply chains.

“With TRACESCI, a brand can obtain an effective product authentication solution that includes tracking legitimate products throughout the supply chain, a consumer engagement app, and an efficient reporting system, all under one unique SAAS-based track and trace platform,” said Priyanka Rathi, DGM Marketing & Communication at JETSCI® Global & TRACESCI Global.

Kunal Kothari, Product Manager at TRACESCI Global, added, “As a global specialist in product authentication and traceability, we are successfully fortifying governments and brands alike through our intuitive, innovative blockchain-based supply chain manufacturer interface. With TRACESCI, traceability is just a tap away.”

To learn more and participate in free demo sessions, visit the TRACESCI Global Booth- B-39 in Hall 2 at PharmaTech & LabTech Expo in Chandigarh from April 11-13, 2023

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