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World’s first flavoured vodka in paper bottle launched in Tesco stores


Flawless Vodka is the world’s first brand to launch flavoured vodka in our paper bottles, which are five times lighter than glass bottles and have a carbon footprint up to six times lower. The award-winning Frugal Bottle is the world’s first and only commercially available wine, spirits and olive oil bottle made from recycled paper. Made of 94% recycled paperboard with a food grade pouch to contain the vodka, the bottles were filled at Hensol Castle Distillery which has launched a new contract packing service for paper bottles to help other brands looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Frugalpac CEO Malcolm Waugh said, “Wales has been a world leader in sustainability and we’re delighted that Flawless Vodka and Hensol Castle Distillery are leading the paper bottle revolution there. As well as the great achievement of getting listed in Tesco, their partnership to fill our Frugal Bottles will allow other drinks brands in the UK to make the move from glass to paper, cutting their packaging carbon emissions by 84%.”

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