Schumann Printers acquires Muller Martini Primera PRO Saddle Stitcher


Celebrating its 60th anniversary year in business, Schumann Printers installed Primera PRO best-in-class saddle stitcher from Muller Martini. The Primera PRO is a 14,000 c/h, fully automated saddle stitcher. “With our history of working with Muller Martini, there was never any doubt about what equipment we were looking at, and who we would partner up with as a manufacturer. We are making this investment in Schumann Printers on behalf of our clients, our employees, and our company’s future. The acquisition of the Primera PRO saddle stitcher represents the fact that we value products that represent the best in class and will deliver the highest quality product to our clients,” stated Dan Schumann, President of Schumann Printers.

“It is always satisfying for us to see one of our clients in Schumann Printers with a similar history of multi-generational family members as Muller Martini. Their commitment to excellence shines through and is consistent with the values to which we at Muller Martini are committed,” stated Andy Fetherman, President and CEO of Muller Martini Corp. in North America.

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