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Viren Chhabra Print Leadership Award conferred to Dr Anayath


Col. Comdt. Prof (Dr) Rajendrakumar Anayath, Vice Chancellor at DCRUST, Murthal was awarded the coveted ‘Viren Chhabra Print Leadership Award’ (VCPLA), for his exceptional achievements and performances for the growth and welfare of the printing and packaging industry. The award was presented by Raveendra Joshi, President of the All India Federation of Master Printers (AIFMP).

Viren Chhabra Print Leadership Award (VCPLA) is the highest honour for a person-in-print, is given to a veteran who has devoted himself/herself consistently to the field of printing for the development and growth of the industry and welfare of the printing community and have achieved something exceptional substantive during his/her work-span. The award is instituted by the AIFMP in the name of veteran stalwart of printing industry of India and the ‘Ambassador of Indian Printing Industry to the World’ – Viren Chhabra.

Speaking about the concept and reasons for VCPLA, Prof. Kamal Chopra, convener of VCPLA forum said, “Printing is mother of all revolution and is the greatest invention of mankind till date. Several technicians fine-tuned this art to use it according to the changing times. No effort was made to honour to honour the technicians responsible for revolution of printing in India and to remember the contributions of the masters of this great art. Such recognition is necessary to perpetuate the spirit of doing something unique for the growth of the trade and industry.”

Dr Anayath attained the distinction of being a true doctor, a professor of the Indian printing industry, as well as a torchbearer for the print worldwide. His drive for excellence, pursuit of scientific advancements, and faith in technology have emanated new energy and confidence that the print community has been able to seize and capitalise on.

Accepting the award, Dr Anayath said, “From the Independence Day to till today, during the past 75 years, India attracted 950 Billion USD of FDI and you know, it is interesting to note that out of that 532 billion USD has come in the last 90 Months. The next revolution in the Indian Print & Packaging industry would be in agriculture, food products, mobile & allied equipment and pharma.”

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