Surat’s JN Digital buys RICOH Pro C9200 for enhanced photo prints


What it takes for Surat-based JN Digital to offer a value proposition in high-quality photo printing is its installation of a new RICOH Pro C9200. This advanced digital colour production press, which has been supplied and installed by Monotech Systems, is an ideal workhorse for printing premium photos in standout quality and textures.

Sachin Shah, Proprietor of JN Digital with RICOH Pro C9200

Since its establishment around two-and-a-half years back, JN Digital has been a popular photo printing corner in Surat. Sachin Shah, Proprietor of JN Digital, says that they serve customers from diverse market segments and different walks of life. “Most of our customers are from Gujarat and Maharashtra. Of them, some are reputed garment manufacturers and exporters based in Surat,” he adds.

He continues, “Most of the garments companies in our client list have special demands for unique printed items such as garment tags, product catalogues, fliers, etc. These days, demands in the photo printing market from different quarters have tremendously increased for high-quality prints which most of our customers expect from us—it could be either from the garment or photo labs segments.”

Sachin explains, “To meet the growing demands for enhanced photo prints from our customers, we have purchased the RICOH Pro C9200 from Monotech Systems. This highly advanced Graphic Arts Edition digital production press is flexible enough to produce photos in such quality and enhanced textures that we have never produced. Our customers are now convinced with the quality of prints and the gamut of colours we deliver using this new RICOH digital press.”

Certainly, RICOH Pro C9200 is an ideally engineered colour production press, which can run at the highest speed of printing up to 115 pages per minute (ppm). Compatible with a broad range of stocks up to 470 gsm with an industry-leading resolution of 2400×4800 dpi.

Sachin observes that the photo printing market these days has changed a lot. It has changed in terms of demands escalating for high-quality prints from professional photographers and photo labs. “Our client list consists of a host of pro photographers from some of the highly reputed photo labs in the city and many parts of Gujarat. Even some of our photographer clients are from many cities and towns of Maharashtra,” he adds.

Conclusively, Sachin mentions that the way they are now empowered with the new RICOH Pro C9200 from Monotech Systems is a new benchmark to stay ahead of their counterparts in the cut-throat market competition. He further states that the digital press is indeed a ‘game changer’ for JN Digital to change the way they print photos. After all, he is so elated about the true value & virtue of the RICOH Pro C9200 and the after-sales support they receive from Monotech Systems.

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