Delhi’s Amazing Graphics buys RICOH PRO C7200X


A popular commercial printing corner for customers from different sectors, Amazing Graphics at Shastri Nagar in New Delhi is a competent producer of high-quality POD (print-on-demand) products using a newly installed RICOH Pro C7200X digital colour production press. Monotech Systems, a leading machine manufacturer & one-stop solution provider for the printing and packaging industry globally, had supplied and installed the new RICOH digital press now running productively at Amazing Graphics.

Anup Kumar with RICOH Pro C7200

On the purchase of the new RICOH Pro C7200X, Anup Kumar, Proprietor, Amazing Graphics, says, “This RICOH digital colour production press is a game changer for us. I say ‘game changer’ because, after the installation of this digital production press, we have tremendously changed the way we enhance the quality and production volume of POD products.” He adds that the press is an ideal machine for high-capacity digital colour printing for short-run production of crisp images on heavily textured media.

Established in the year 1999, Amazing Graphics has been growing from one level to another over the years. Recalling their early days, Anup shares, “At the onset, we started merely as a reprographic centre engaging only in photocopy job. We were simply known to our customers as ‘Xerox centre’ or ‘photocopy shop’ because our main activity was predominately photocopying of documents such as study materials for students, office documents for local public and private firms, personal items like cards, property papers, etc.”

Anup continues, “As the time went by our works and service at Amazing Graphics had been gradually recognised and acknowledged among many people and professionals who came not only from Shastri Nagar or central Delhi areas but also from every nook and corner of NCR. We had witnessed a tremendous increase in demand for quality POD products from some of our clients who are quality conscious and expect innovative graphic outputs from us.” He adds that they then managed everything with some MFPs (multi-function printers) such as Xerox C315 and others.

When the demands further poured in for higher quality POD products like labels, stickers, business cards and so on, Anup felt the dire need for an advanced digital production press. He immediately engaged in a mission to hunt for the required machine. After a stint, his hunt came to a halt at Monotech Systems where he embarked upon the RICOH Pro C7200X—an advanced digital production press ideally engineered for premium quality short-run printing to appease demanding customers.

Impressed with the unique features and prowess of the RICOH Pro C7200X, Anup remarks, “We were certainly in need of this digital colour production press to deal with our quality-conscious customers.”Amazing Graphics has been working for some eminent book publishers such as McGraw Hill and others. For them, they print on-demand books. In this, Anup says, “Book publishers in our client list are now happy and satisfied with the outputs of RICOH Pro C7200X which flawlessly prints colourful book covers as well as inside pages in CMYK.”

Combining the competencies of speed and quality, RICOH Pro C7200X is an ideal colour production press for producing high-quality prints in the industry-leading resolution of 2400 x 4800 dpi. What it can take up is a wide range of stocks, comprising both light and heavyweight media up to 360 gsm, to produce crisp and colourful prints at the speed of 85 ppm (pages per minute). Anup conclusively says RICOH Pro C7200X has been a benchmark for Amazing Graphics to print POD products that stand out amid the crowd and he is thankful to Monotech Systems for such machine and an all-time supportive after-sales service.

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