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Monotech Systems to showcase digital printing and enhancement solutions at Print Expo


At PrintExpo 2023, Monotech Systems, embarks upon the gold standard of digital printing, bringing together revolutionary technologies from industry giants RICOH, Scodix, Canon, and Monotech Systems’ popular brands PixelGlow, PixelFoil, JETSCI and Pixeljet. The company’s booth will feature live demonstrations and hands-on experiences, allowing visitors to witness firsthand the power and capabilities of the latest printing technologies.

Monotech Systems is proud to partner with RICOH, a global leader in digital printing technology. RICOH’s state-of-the-art digital printing solutions provide unparalleled print quality, speed, and versatility, enabling businesses to achieve outstanding results across various applications.

Visitors can witness the future of print enhancement with PixelGlow, Scodix, and PixelFoil. These groundbreaking enhancements offer unique finishes, spot varnishes, 3D effects, foil applications, and more, elevating the visual appeal of printed materials to an entirely new level.

Besides, Monotech Systems, in partnership with Canon, presents large-format printing solutions that deliver exceptional color accuracy, sharpness, and quality. From technical drawings, and photos, to banners and posters, Canon’s large format printers cater to a wide range of applications with unmatched precision.

Visitors can also discover the power of UV printing with Pixeljet’s cutting-edge technology. UV printing offers enhanced durability, vibrant colors, and the ability to print on a wide variety of materials, making it ideal for applications such as signage, packaging, and promotional items.

Akash Kumar, Marketing Lead of Monotech Systems, expressed his excitement about participating in Print Expo 2023. He stated, “We are proud to showcase the gold standard of digital printing and enhancement at this year’s PrintExpo. By representing the products from our brands and alliances, we aim to bring our customers the most innovative and advanced printing solutions available in the market.”

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