JETSCI 2.0 to unveil cutting-edge digital label production solutions at Labelexpo Europe 2023


JETSCI, a renowned global leader in the production of innovative inkjet products and solutions for the printing and packaging industry, is set to captivate audiences at Labelexpo Europe 2023. With over 500 successful installations worldwide, JETSCI is proud to showcase its latest offerings at the show.

 Anchoring their presence at Labelexpo Europe, JETSCI’s stand promises to be a focal point of innovation and technological prowess. One of the standout features will be the live demonstration of JETSCI’s revolutionary dSpark Digital Label Embellishment Press. Throughout the event, visitors will have the unique opportunity to witness this groundbreaking production press in action, alongside an array of captivating, printed product sample gallery that exemplify the limitless creative possibilities of JETSCI® Global digital label production presses.

JETSCI Global was established in the 2012 under the umbrella of its parent company, Monotech Systems Limited.

Unveiling JETSCI 2.0 dSpark: Elevating Labels to Unprecedented Heights

JETSCI 2.0 dSpark

At the heart of JETSCI’s showcase is the game-changing dSpark Digital Label Embellishment Press, an ingenious solution designed to elevate label design to new dimensions of creativity. With its specialized digital label varnish and cold foiling capabilities, dSpark provides a distinct edge that sets labels apart from traditional printed graphics, thus becoming a pivotal factor in brand marketing success. In an industry where innovation is the key to standing out, JETSCI® dSpark empowers converters to offer clients a range of captivating enhancements, positioning them at the forefront of a fiercely competitive market.

Presenting KolorSmart+: The Ultimate UV Inkjet Label Production Press

JETSCI KolorSmart+

JETSCI’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions continues with its flagship product KolorSmart+, the Digital UV Inkjet Label Production Press. This versatile press is designed to meet the demands of both short-run and long-run label printing, offering swift job changeovers, versioning, variable data printing, and security printing capabilities.

The KolorSmart+ press comes fully equipped with a pre-inkjet Flexo-Station for priming, coating, or single-colour printing, in addition to its 6-color configuration (W+CMYK+O). Its state-of-the-art UV inkjet unit, featuring 4-step grey droplet size printheads, delivers unparalleled image quality, sharp text, and intricate details. With a remarkable productivity rate of up to 50 meters per minute, KolorSmart+ ensures maximum profits and a rapid return on investment for label printers operating in the most cost-effective manner.

JETSCI invites industry professionals, printing enthusiasts, and visionaries alike to join them at Stand 9C16 during Labelexpo Europe 2023, scheduled for September 11 to 14 in Brussels.

‘Embrace the Change’

Experience the power of digital firsthand through live demonstrations of the revolutionary dSpark Digital Label Embellishment Press and discover the unparalleled capabilities of the KolorSmart+ UV Inkjet Label Production Press.

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to explore the forefront of innovation in the printing and packaging industry.


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