Sappi and Xeikon collaborate on development of resource-saving packaging


Sappi has joined forces with Xeikon in a developmental partnership towards direct printing on paper-based materials and perfecting the recyclability of the resulting flexible packaging. Sappi’s long-standing expertise in innovative, paper-based packaging solutions and Xeikon’s far-reaching knowledge of cross-sector digital printing applications and innovative ink technology ideally complemented each other in this collaborative venture.

Digital press manufacturer Xeikon, a division of the Flint Group, has over 30 years of expertise in both UV and aqueous inkjet and dry toner technology. With its latest dry toner innovation, TITON and the Xeikon TX500, the company has set its sights on the paper-based flexible packaging market, which, as Xeikon’s collaboration partner Sappi has been reporting for some time,is experiencing strong growth due to demand for resource-saving, recyclable and plastic-free alternatives from end-users as well as brand owners and converters.

Frank Jacobs, Market Intel & Senior Product Manager at Flint Group Digital, understands that the demands made on inks for direct printing on paper-based materials for applications in the flexible packaging sector, e.g. for food packaging, such as those offered by Sappi, are very high.

Grounded in the principles of quality, flexibility and sustainability, Xeikon designs, develops and delivers web-fed digital colour presses for label and packaging applications. These printing machines work with different imaging technologies, open workflow software and application-specific consumables and substrates. Each product is designed with careful planning for the best application-based substrate and toner or ink combination to maximize the output.

With TITON, Xeikon is meeting the industry’s need for environmentally friendly and product-safe packaging production: The new toner formulation combines the best features of toners and UV inks, merging the food-safe and odourless properties of dry toner with the special resistance to chemicals and mechanical abrasion of UV inkjet ink. It also withstands temperatures of up to 220-260°C – essential for ensuring packaging integrity and product protection. The most important feature of the new technology is that, thanks to its special formulation, TITON can be used to print directly onto paper-based packaging materials without the need for additional varnishing or lamination to protect the print.

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