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Accraply merges into BW Integrated Systems


In response to market demands for more comprehensive packaging solutions, two BW Packaging companies—Accraply and BW Integrated Systems—have combined into a single business called BW Integrated Systems. There organized business strengthens the alignment of BW Packaging’s labeling, end-of-line and integration solutions.

“We are excited to create this combination within BW Packaging to deliver market-leading labeling, end-of-line and integration solutions,” said Pete Carlson, President of BW Integrated Systems. “Our combined teams will be better positioned to grow and innovate to meet the needs of our customers around the globe.”

In his role, Carlson will lead the strategic alignment of the company’s labeling, end-of-line and integration teams. Accraply leader Seamus Lafferty will assume the role of Executive Vice President of Labeling for BW Integrated Systems and will continue to drive the growth strategy for the labeling, converting and product-decoration offerings.

“Merging the talented teams of Accraply and BW Integrated Systems creates advantages of scale and reach that will deliver on a new level for our customers,” said Lafferty.

As part of the BW Integrated Systems business, the Accraply team will now go to market as BW Labeling, emphasizing its complete line of labeling, converting and product-decoration solutions from its trusted brands, which include Accraply, Graham + Sleevit, Harland, Stanford and Trine. In the coming months, the newly named BW Labeling team will gradually update marketing channels and collateral to reflect these changes.

Similarly, the existing BW Integrated Systems team will go to market as BW End-of-Line and BW Integration, with well-known, trusted equipment brands, which include Ambec, Fleetwood, Goldco, Nigrelli and SWF.

BW Integrated Systems is part of BW Packaging and works alongside the primary packaging businesses, including BW Flexible Systems, Pneumatic Scale Angelus and Synerlink.

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