“Nippon is actively driving the sustainable advancement of the printing industry”


Says Akshat Pardiwala, COO, Nippon Color in conversation with Print & Publishing on the sidelines of PrintExpo, Chennai.

Since 1972, Nippon Group has stood out in India with outstanding success bringing in the complete technological transfer of pre-press solution for printing industry. Akshat Pardiwala, COO, Nippon Color shares more about the pre-press segment and their participation at PrintExpo.

P&P: How do you see the pre-press segment growing towards a better future?

Akshat: In envisioning a more promising future for the pre-press segment, the path towards sustainability is clear. Advancements in processless plates stand as a key focus, driving us toward a greener and more eco-conscious approach. Equally crucial is comprehensive operator training, ensuring that these innovations are fully harnessed to their potential. Through these combined efforts, we are poised to usher in a pre-press landscape that is not only more efficient but also aligned with environmental considerations.

P&P: How Nippon is contributing to the sustainable growth of the printing industry?

Akshat: Nippon is actively driving the sustainable advancement of the printing industry through strategic measures. We’ve expanded our portfolio to include innovative digital printing and finishing solutions, effectively removing the necessity for plates and dies.

In addition, we’re enthusiastic advocates of Fujifilm’s Processless Thermal CTP plates. By eliminating an entire process, substantial benefits are reaped, spanning reduced consumption of resources, waste reduction, energy conservation, and space optimization. These efforts collectively align with our commitment to sustainability within the industry.

P&P: How was your experience at PrintExpo?

Akshat: Our participation in PrintExpo marked our inaugural presence, and it proved to be a highly fruitful experience. The event’s success was evident through our interactions with numerous company decision-makers, who approached us with substantial inquiries. With a legacy dating back to 1972, we were already familiar with a significant portion of print service providers. However, what truly invigorated us was the opportunity to connect with a host of new potential clients not only from Chennai but also from various other regions in South India.

P&P: What products were displayed in the PrintExpo from Nippon Color?

Akshat: At the PrintExpo, we showcased our impressive range, featuring CTCP plates and Double Layer Thermal Plates. Our significant installation base of CTP machines in South India, who are currently sourcing plates externally, has motivated us to extend our presence further. While we already serve clients in North and Western India, our primary aim was to venture into the thriving South market.

Our primary objective at the expo was twofold: to cater to our existing clientele and to connect with potential new customers. As part of our holistic approach, we are exploring the idea of bundling our renowned Cron CTP machines with our top-quality plates. This strategic synergy aims to accelerate ROI and deliver enhanced value to our customers.

P&P: Please do highlight the key features of the machines on display and how it will be beneficial for the customers?

Akshat: The standout feature of our CTCP plates revolves around their impressive run length capabilities. With the ability to generate over 100,000 impressions as a baseline, this count can be further extended to 300,000 impressions with baking.

However, the real gem among our offerings is undoubtedly the Double Layer Thermal Plates. Renowned for their exceptional quality, these plates boast compatibility even with UV inks.

In the realm of Cron CTP machines, they shine as an incredibly cost-effective solution. Their minimal maintenance requirements and reduced downtime significantly contribute to operational efficiency.

P&P: Please do provide the details of any deals that happened in PrintExpo.

Akshat: During the brief span of the 3-day PrintExpo, we successfully finalized 4 significant deals involving CTP machines. These transactions comprised 2 Thermal CTP machines and 2 CTCP machines, all bundled with our plates. Notably, these clients are projected to consume an estimated monthly average of 50,000 square meters of plates from our offerings. This impressive achievement underscores the value and appeal of our solutions within the industry.

P&P: What’s the strategy of Nippon to expand the customer base in South India?

Akshat: Our strategy to expand our customer base in South India is multi-faceted. We have a dedicated office in Chennai, equipped with a team of skilled engineers exclusively focused on after-sales service. Going forward, our intensified approach involves increased engagement and proactive follow-up with the leads we’ve garnered from the exhibition. This heightened activity underscores our commitment to establish and nurture lasting relationships with potential clients in the region.

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