Fiery launches next-generation DFE platform


Fiery LLC, the largest independent provider of digital front ends (DFEs), has announced the most innovative and user-friendly Fiery DFE, providing unrivaled performance, superior color, and intelligent automation for digital printing. With the new Fiery FS600 Pro platform, print providers can simplify and automate job preparation and processing while ensuring print production runs smoothly and at maximum capacity.

The new Fiery DFE platform brings innovation to an extensive line-up of new, state-of-the-art digital presses coming for commercial, quick print, in-plant, packaging, office, and industrial segments. Fiery FS600 Pro-based DFEs will be available with the next-generation digital printers and presses from many of the world’s leading manufacturers.

Fiery DFEs sit at the center of a print environment driving press performance and job workflows across all Fiery Driven presses, shifts, and locations. Where proprietary DFEs can be restrictive, Fiery’s independent DFEs are flexible allowing customers to tailor their print solutions to their specific needs. The Fiery FS600 Pro platform expands on proven technology to include:

This game-changing innovation makes it easier for print service providers to meet tight turnaround times for higher volumes of shorter runs. Intelligent HyperRIP automatically switches between single-job and multiple-job modes based on a file’s characteristics for faster processing, either splitting a single job into multiple parts, or processing multiple short jobs simultaneously. For example, a Fiery FS600 Pro NX Premium DFE can process mixed-length jobs up to 2 times faster than previous Fiery platforms with traditional HyperRIP.

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