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Leverage AI and enzyme-based technology to reduce the environmental footprint


At a keynote address at the 10th Speciality Films & Flexible Packaging Global Summit 2023, Ashok Chaturvedi, Founder, Chairman and Managing Director, UFlex Group, highlighted how technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and enzymatic processing can accelerate sustainable innovation in flexible packaging.

“Today, whatever we are producing needs to be recycled. At UFlex, we have made significant investments in industrial and MLP (multi-layer mixed plastic) waste recycling facilities across our global locations and very recently, in enzyme-based delamination and recycling technology for aseptic packaging. We should continue to focus on mechanical recycling. Chemical recycling may not be happening today but will happen in the future,” he added.

Ashok reiterated the need to use machinery and AI to collect and sort waste rather than allowing waste workers to do that manually. “That is not the most effective or sustainable way of creating employment for the marginalized waste workers,” he emphasized. “Waste collection and adequate access to post-consumer waste is one of the biggest problems that we face in India. It is critical to recognize that it is not the process of recycling that presents the most significant hurdle in addressing plastic pollution. Rather, it is the efficient and holistic collection and management of plastic waste that emerges as the cornerstone of our battle,” he concluded.

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