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Coimbatore’s God Studio into new avatar with RICOH Pro C7500


Installation of an all new RICOH Pro C7500 has changed the whole game of commercial printing and production at Coimbatore-based God Studio. This new game-changing 11-colour digital production press at God Studio has been supplied and installed by Monotech Systems—a leading machine manufacturer and one-stop solution provider for the printing and packaging industry globally.

Ravi Ram with RICOH Pro C7500

Ravi Ram, Managing Director of God Studio, states that they have been in the region’s commercial printing market over the last 19 years. “However, when we started facing some troubles in maintaining print quality and flexibility in colours, we desperately looked out for an upgraded machine to move ahead of conventional CMYK printing. We continuously enquired and checked with a number of vendors, but our ultimate choice fell to the RICOH Pro C7500 introduced in India by Monotech Systems,” he adds.

He further adds, “We visited expos and went to a client’s facility where RICOH Pro C7500 was running productively to experience the machine’s capacity and capability firsthand. Finally, we got totally impressed with the quality in print outputs, production capacity, colour gamut and many other advanced features of the digital colour production press. This RICOH press is ideally engineered to go beyond the usual CMYK printing when it comes to getting into innovations revolving around the colours and textures for special print applications.”

Robust and powerful, RICOH Pro C7500 boasts many advanced features, among which is its 5th Color Station that stimulates white toner, clear, gold, silver, invisible red toner and special neon colors for adding extra elements to graphic prints. “After all, we are proud of being the first to install the upgraded press in Coimbatore, offering innovative print graphics any other commercial printers in the region could never ever offer,” mentions Ravi.

RICOH Pro C7500, upgraded from its popular predecessor RICOH Pro C7200x, was introduced in India by Monotech Systems last year. It can operate at the speed of 85ppm (pages per minute), delivering graphic prints in the industry’s leading resolution of 2400×4800dpi, produced on varied media ranging from 40gsm to 470gsm. “We would say that RICOH Pro C7500 has become our new strength. Following the installation of the press, our production volume has increased to tenfold,” tells Ravi.

He continues, “Our customers are satisfied with the clarity and colour accuracy in prints we produced on this RICOH Pro C7500. That’s really beyond everyone’s usual expectation! Some key applications which we produce using this advanced and flexible digital colour production press with 5th Color Station include labels, tags, packaging boxes, and many others including prototypes as well as short-run print productions.”

Conclusively, Ravi says the RICOH Pro C7500 has given them a big boost to their overall tasks of printing and production of customized marketing products for businesses of any size for customers from different sectors. He purposely praises Monotech Systems for providing them the right machine at the right time to placate customers who persistently demand for special end-products like conference kits, marketing collaterals, booklets and many others of different kinds and types.


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