New website on FUJIFILM inkjet technology,
exclusively for Indian customers

70 Acuity Series inkjet printers have been installed in 26 cities all over India so far


FUJIFILM’s installation base of wide-format inkjet printers is increasing rapidly in India.
The company has recently launched a new website designed exclusively for helping
Indian prospective and present customers to know more about FUJIFILM inkjet printers,
inks and print applications.

FUJIFILM has launched a new website, exclusively for Indian customers and can be reached at As the name suggests, it is about the power of inkjet technology and FUJIFILM’s capability to bring the best out of the technology. “Inkjet technology is considered as second birth to FUJIFILM from our earlier generation of conventional business based on photographic film and image processing. It’s a transformation from analogue to digital,” says SM Ramprasad, Executive Vice President, Graphic Arts Divisions, FUJIFILM India.

“At the onset of the new millennium, we acquired a handful of companies that have become our big achievement today. For instance, Dimatix was among the companies we acquired and it’s widely popular today for its Spectra Polaris printhead for wide-format inkjet production printers. SERICOL was yet another acquisition, which has become widely popular for best ink brands in the market,” remarks Ramprasad. Likewise, FUJIFILM acquired a few more companies in the course of time, among which were software and ink experts. These acquisitions collectively give strength to FUJIFILM to serve the industry on a wider scale.

FUJIFILM’s presence in the graphic art market is prominent with its much-admired wide-format inkjet printers. “Our printers like Inca Onset and others are designed for unique and unconventional UV applications. In this respect, we have specialties in UV inks depending on diverse industrial applications. We also have a focus on some niche areas, such as thermoforming,” mentions Ramprasad, adding that all these developments have happened due to transformation of screen printing process into digital printing, with inkjet as a new front. As a result they have introduced the new website on inkjet technology and applications, especially for their Indian customers.

Focus areas of website…

The areas where the new FUJIFILM website is focusing on are: wide-format printing, industrial applications and digital press. Sandip Thanawala, Managing Director, NEAT Graphics Pvt Ltd (Thane) launched the website at a gathering in Mumbai, attended by some FUJIFILM customers. The home page of the website contains sections like Segments (Wide-Format, Commercial and Packaging), Applications, Products, Case Studies, Resources and Technology. “The overall idea of the website is to facilitate our customers in getting India-based knowledge about our inkjet machine portfolio and applications through case studies and customer testimonials,” says Ramprasad.

Further, Ramprasad says knowledge sharing with their customers is an important aspect they would like to bring out through the new website. “For us, it’s not only that we sell our machines; it is also equally important to let our customers know user experiences, newer applications and corporate empanelment. When we say corporate empanelment, customers must know the corporate customers who recommend FUJIFILM technology. These are the things we put in place for the wide-format printers on our new website,” he explains. He mentions that the website, with wide-format as base, is going to expand with gradual additions of industrial and commercial applications.

The website will also help FUJIFILM customers learn about colour management, UV curing process, etc. In addition, it also contains information on ink technologies and new materials coming up for super wide-format printers, high-speed UV flatbed machines and others. The case studies cited on the website are predominantly of Indian PSPs currently using FUJIFILM Acuity printers, with the highlight of their inspiring success stories for newcomers. So far, 70 FUJIFILM Acuity printers have been installed all over India, in 26 cities, all happened in a span of two and a half years.

Inkjet press for commercial graphics launched

“Besides, we have also launched a digital press for commercial graphics— JetPress B2 size digital press. We have marked a phenomenal success globally with the introduction of this inkjet digital press, which is designed for packaging print and its output is closer to offset,” says Ramprasad.

Demo centres…

Samples printed on JetPress digital press and other FUJIFILM printers/machines are available at the Mumbai demo centre of FUJIFILM India. “And our new website is the connecting point where our customers can drop a request for demo of any inkjet machine or print samples,” says Ramprasad, adding that the company’s demo centre plays a key role to let their customers precisely know about their products and technologies, which in turn boosted the installation-base of Acuity Series printers. The company is planning to open similar demo centre in Delhi-NCR soon.

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