Robotic process automation and artificial intelligence


Sathish Kumar, Global Production Controller, Elsevier gave an interesting presentation on Robotic process automation and artificial intelligence at The Printing Technologists Forum recently.

The speaker started with a small video interview of Sophia (Robot which has been awarded citizenship by Saudi Arabia Government) and followed up with major breakthroughs happening recently in the field of Natural Language, Processing, image recognition, speech recognition. Cloud computing and big data & analytics are all making Artificial Intelligence (AI) more powerful. Descriptive to Predictive to Prescriptive is the framework of Analytics, Sathish noted. He gave detailed information on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) followed by a few demo videos showing how it works. Two of the AI uses are Magnetic Resonance and Advancing Brain Research. There is an Institute for Robotic Process Automation & Artificial Intelligence in the US. Intel Labs and Princeton Neuroscience Institute are using AI to enable neuroscientists to map the human mind in real time, unlocking secrets on how brain activity affects learning memory and cognitive functions. To analyse whole health, MRI scan imaging is used.

Sathish wrapped up the lecture saying AI is going to change the way we work and live and in the new world we have to be either Creative or Analytical since all the task based work will be done by Robots in future.
–D. Ramalingam

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