Coalescing concepts!


Presently, the whole world is moving with strong strengths of merging traditional and modern concepts in every arena and then how can print industry lag behind. Analog-to-digital print transition is an obvious phenomenon across the world witnessing many going ahead with the state-of-the-art technologies keeping winning ideas in mind. Some printers prefer to go totally digital, but several ones, who are handling huge quantity jobs, cannot so far afford converting their offset printing facilities into digital ones altogether. Albeit, as we mentioned in the previous issue, the confidence of offset printers, who would shy away in opting to digital, is increasing remarkably seeing business potentials in digital printing apart from its operational flexibility owing to viable features.

In this scenario, avoiding any of the two printing concepts would significantly affect overall business, and adopting ‘midway option’ may be constructive for all. While in production with offset, ‘per thousand copies’ is the figure to count, digital marks it ‘per copy’; and diversified demand from print buyers makes both relevant to co-exist, providing printers a consolidated ground to continue attracting jobs from bottom to top in volume.

Those who are willing to go with this ‘option’ operating offset and digital under one roof can be benefitted in a guaranteed. Along with other applications, offset printed products can also be digitally personalised, keeping flavour of offset intact. With this, while making benefits from low per copy cost by offset stream can be maintained, one can churn out much money per piece involving little efforts out of digital process.

So, it is a perfect time to jump on the bandwagon and take advantage of merging printing concepts in rather innovative way that shall tend you reaching to the dream financial mark.



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