Agfa Graphics Calendar 2015: much more than a time manager


The combination of unique photography, creative design, supreme print quality and state-of-the-art finishing of Agfa Graphics’ 2015 VIP Calendar emphasises the calendar’s underlying message of the ‘Power of Print’ and makes it appealing to people across the globe.

As a leading graphic industry provider, Agfa Graphics did not make just another calendar. Instead, it created a showcase for a number of different p r i n t i n g techniques. A wide variety of technologies and materials were used, r a n g i n g from Agfa G r a p h i c s ’ offset printing plates, over the Avalon plateset ter s and Apogee w o r k f l o w s o f t w a r e , i n c l u d i n g I n k S a v e and Sublima screening, to the Anapurna wide format inkjet printers.

A few pages deserve special mention. The month of February was designed using Agfa Graphics’ Fortuna security software and the month of June was printed on Agfa’s PVC-free, wood-free and lamination-free synthetic print medium Synaps. The month of December was printed on 1 mm heavy rigid with the Anapurna M2050i wide-format inkjet printer.

“For the third year in a row, we decided to create a state-of-the-art VIP calendar,” said Kristof Van Cleemput, global communications manager, Agfa Graphics. “We have combined many techniques to create a stunning testimony of what print can do. This year, each image relates to the common theme of ‘People & Contrast’. The calendar was again a joint effort of the entire Agfa Graphics community. Each calendar page features a detachable postcard with a picture made by one of our employees,” he added.

The Agfa Graphics 2013 VIP Calendar received the ‘Prize Awarded by the Public’ in the prestigious Dutch ‘Kalenderwedstrijd’ (calendar contest) and earlier this year the Agfa Graphics 2014 VIP Calendar was a silver award winner in the “Calendar” category of the Gold Ink Award.

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