Manugraph ties up with Seiken Graphics Inc. Japan


Manugraph has entered into an agreement with Seiken Graphics Inc. Japan, to promote the Seiken 85 press model, in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh & the Middle East. Seiken 85, is a 4 x 1 press with a speed of 80,000 cph.

Announcing the partnership, Pradeep Shah, managing director, MIL, said “The Seiken 85, will now be one more product option available to the Indian market. Besides the Smartline & Dreamline which run at speeds of 70,000 & 50,000 cph respectively, we can now offer our customers world class Japanese technology with a speed of 80,000 cph, providing great versatility to customers with higher print runs.” He went on to say that “The Seiken brand with its advanced technology and continuous innovation is a global name which is also well known in India, with the Seiken 65, another 4 x 1 press, already installed at Daily Thanthi in the South. India, being a nation with the largest paid circulation of newspapers in the world and growing, we felt it was necessary to support this segment of larger print runs by adding the Seiken 85 to our portfolio.”

In addition, Seiken Graphics Inc. will market the 2×1 machine of MIL in Japan, thus effectively providing the Japanese market with the world renowned, state-ofthe- art Manugraph brand. “This agreement is expected to complement the growth of both our company’s & enhance market capabilities by dual sharing of technology” concluded Shah.

Besides Seiken 85, MIL will also promote other Seiken products; which is the Single Gripper Conveyor system, plate punching & bending device.

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