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KBA-MePrint has earned its reputation in the industry for innovative printing solutions on demanding, non-absorbent substrates. Presses for waterless UV offset printing in the highest quality have long formed a core competence of this KBA subsidiary. KBA-MePrint joins the premium class of label and laminate printing with the modular Varius LX-TX narrow web press.

In a market where digital printing is gaining importance in numerous segments, the Varius LX-TX provides an outstanding print quality, versatility and individual equipment options for printing and finishing along with economic advantages for small to medium runs. As a flexible narrow web press, the Varius LX-TX with ghostingfree short inking units is based on UV offset technology, a technology that has proven itself with a brilliant print quality in a wide range of real-world applications. The absence of ink keys and dampening solution simplifies operation, saves time and leads to a drastic reduction of waste during job changes – a crucial economic advantage for shorter runs. In addition, for label and laminate printing, the semi-rotary Varius LX-TX achieves the necessary format flexibility without expensive, complicated sleeves using cost-effective, quickly imaged and automatically interchangeable offset plates. Compared to conventional solutions, this lowers production costs and unproductive machine downtime significantly. Especially for screen images, the superior detail and colour brilliance of the waterless offset process shines – a great advantage for high-quality wine, spirits, cosmetics and other premium labels, films or challenging laminates with thicknesses between 50 and 500 microns.

The semi-rotary drive concept allows for continuous variation of the printing length without time-consuming changes for the plate and blanket cylinder. The high degree of automation with fully automatic plate change, auto register, optional quick-change doctor blade chambers and other features greatly minimises set-up times.

Depending on customer requirements, a wide range of drying systems from different manufacturers are used. In addition to drying with ultraviolet and infrared radiation, a hotair dryer system can also be installed.

Users of the Varius LX-TX do not receive a machine simply of the rack, but a tailormade production line, customised to their needs. KBA-MePrint cooperated closely with the colleagues from KBA-Kammann for the technical implementation of the flexible module system. They have already experienced in addressing the high-value label and laminate market. The first machine from this cooperation will be delivered shortly to Italy.

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