Revenue from photo albums, enhanced with Scodix in India, exceeded $46 million in 2014


With more than 15 digital enhancement presses, just in India, Scodix users reported generating more than $46 million in revenue from digitally enhanced photo albums. With a business model ranging from B2C, B2B2C and local shops, the Scodix effects have proven to be highly valued.

At CEIF Photofair in New Delhi, attendees benefitted from a new presentation format that enabled 15 local customers to be positioned at their own mini-stands within the sprawling Monotech (partners of Scodix in India) exhibit. Visitors were able to meet and discuss the thriving technology with each Scodix user, who also shared their real-world job samples. Each sample exemplified the unique end-user benefits of the Scodix SENSE printing experience.

Scodix territory manager Lior Meron noted, “The CEIF Photofair 2015 and the success Scodix has realised there, are strong indicators of the growth and increasing demand for digital value-add products in the Indian marketplace. The Indian print community is eager to implement new offerings that not only differentiate their services, but deliver new and consistent revenue streams. We’re proud to making such a significant impact on our customers’ bottom lines.”

While, TP Jain, CEO, Monotech Systems added, “Scodix has benefitted our customers in so many ways. By adding new and unique products to our market, we’re expanding our base significantly, our customers are realising increasing demand and are able to charge a premium price. In India, traditionally, people love to wear gold and diamonds in weddings, and using Scodix we can accentuate this look and feel on their wedding photo books. The reaction of clients has been both amazement and confusion as some thought we pasted original gold ornaments on their prints.”

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