India’s first-ever Speedmaster SX 52 four-colour press with coater installed in Bangalore


Vishwakala Printers, Bangalore installed India’s first Heidelberg Speedmaster SX 52 fourcolour press with coater, in addition to strengthening its post-press portfolio with a Heidelberg Stahlfolder TH 82 folding machine and Eurobind 600 PUR Binder.

Vishwanatha Babu, managing director of Vishwakala Printers, is highly impressed with his new SM/SX 52. “It’s a workhorse. The consistency in print quality is mind blowing. Particularly, the data transfer of Ink data make storage and transfer of data so much easier, facilitating consistent print quality for repeat orders. We see it as the best platform for keeping our customers happy and boosting our bottom-line”.

The SX 52 combines the cutting-edge performance innovation of the XL class with the tried-and-tested Speedmaster SM 52 platform. Endowed with production speeds of up to 15,000 sheets per hour, and the ‘AutoPlate’ feature for fast plate changes and short make-ready times, the four-colour press is indeed ideal for medium-sized print shops. A highly automated feeder with central suction tape helps, the highly efficient Speedmaster SX 52 process the widest range of substrates ranging from 0.03 mm to 0.6mm with a maximum sheet size of 14.57 x 20.47 inches.

Among the other new installations, the Stahlfolder TH82 makes the postpress unit more productive with an output of 30000 cycles per hour, and the Eurobind PUR perfectly addresses the binding requirements at a speed of 2500 copies per hour. Looking ahead, Vishwakala is eyeing an entry into the packaging segment. “Why not?” quips Vishwanatha, “we have the infrastructure to meet the requirements and there is huge opportunity in packaging printing in Bangalore”.

On the Heidelberg experience, he comments, “Heidelberg is always one step ahead of competition. With our Heidelberg presses, we are equipped to offer a unique experience of 210 screen-ruling print jobs to our customers.”

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