Printalent signs MOU with Sri Lanka Print Media Academy


Printalent, the Chennai-headquartered entity engaged in organisational development, training and consulting to the printing industry has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Sri Lanka Print Media Academy (SLPMA).

As per the terms of the MOU, Printalent will offer its services to those members of the SLPMA who need to streamline their organisations along professional lines by equipping their senior and middle level managers with the necessary skills to manage and motivate teams effectively and by providing these organisations with robust HR systems and practices such as role clarity, performance appraisal systems, incentive schemes and succession planning.

Speaking on the occasion, K Radhakrishnan, director of Printalent said, “Most printing companies start out in a modest way and grow inorganically as the business grows – adding a machine here and adding an extension there, to take care of the growth. While this is perfectly okay in the initial stages, within five to eight years, these companies hit a plateau. They start realising the management needs to address more new challenges such as managing key customers, managing internal obstacles and addressing quality and service issues. Printalent bridges this gap through the services that we offer thereby providing a robust team of trained managers and executives who can perform with ownership and accountability. CXOs can also worry less about the organisational development and instead divert their focus on the core business,” he added.

With over 30 years’ experience in the region, Printalent helps these companies to address their aspirations and challenges, through an effective consulting-training road-map, to become more professional and profitable.

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