Sambit Misra joins Ricoh India Ltd


Avijit Mukherjee and Sambit MisraSambit Misra has recently joined Ricoh India as COO, Ricoh India Ltd. He brings with him immense experience from companies like EFI and Canon. He replaces Avijit Mukherjee, who will now be taking a different responsibility at the Ricoh Singapore office.

“Ricoh offers a series of products, which add value to the customers. We have machines from the lower to the higher end of the market segment. I would be looking after the new development of market per se and would focus more on the page value and not just printers installation,” told Sambit. “Ricoh VC 60000 is a newly launched product, which is a continuous feed inkjet system, bridging the gap between analog and digital printing. We will focus more on book publishing segment with this machine.”

“We will make efforts to stabilise business of high-end equipments in the continuous feed space. As far as distribution pattern is concerned, it is going to be through direct channels but will also establish new dealerships across the country,” added Sambit. “Ricoh’s philosophy has always been to grow with the partners and will continue doing it,” further added Avijit Mukherjee, who was also present in the formal press meet at Ricoh office in New Delhi.

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