Adobe, Kodak and Quark integrate more technologies from callas software


Newly released Acrobat DC software from Abode includes even more technology from the German company callas software GmbH. Users mainly profit from this in prepress and document preparation. This new version allows Acrobat users to use variables in their preflight profiles, permitting dynamic preflight checks. This increases flexibility and reduces the total number of profiles that needs to be maintained. Users can, for example, create a dynamic preflight profile to down-sample images or check the document’s page size. When this profile is executed on a PDF document, the user is asked to provide the desired image resolution or the intended page size. Also important for pre-printing is the new ability to create bleed for objects that are placed too close to the edge of the page; to avoid cutting problems. Integrating cutting-edge callas technology means that Acrobat DC can now also process larger files much faster. This is particularly useful for variable data printing.

On the other side of development, Kodak integrates callas software technology into its recently-released PRINERGY Workflow 7, which lets users set up and monitor PDF print data processes and workflows. The pdfToolbox profiles expand the software’s existing validation and correction features to allow improved quality control and less manual work for users. PRINERGY Workflow provides intelligent pre-printing management tools for job and package printing. The software automates associated print production processes, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing both manual work and financial costs. PRINERGY Workflow 7, the new version of the software, further automates all essential printing functions, with pdfToolbox providing a reliable PDF foundation: an essential component during quality control and preparation.

Quark is yet another player in the league using callas software as its newly introduced QuarkXPress 2015 has been improved for better, faster, cutting-edge PDF output. This is because this professional-grade software for layout and graphic design now supports document output in PDF/X-4 format, verified by callas pdfToolbox. This means that PDF/X-4 files exported from QuarkXPress 2015 will be certified with the same technology used in Adobe Acrobat. PDF/X-4 offering features such as unflattened transparency, media-independent colours, and layering. This means it is no longer necessary to reduce transparent sections as early in the process as the point of PDF creation.

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