New EFI Fiery print server drives Xerox iGen 5


EFI and Xerox have partnered to deliver the first digital print server featuring the new Fiery FS200 Pro digital front end (DFE) platform, which will power Xerox’s new iGen 5 Press.

Designed to drive excellent quality and productivity on the iGen 5, the Xerox EX-P 5 Print Server Powered by Fiery features EFI Fiery HyperRIP. Fiery DFEs are powered by EFI’s proprietary ASIC (application specific integrated circuit) with RIPChip technology that can process print files significantly faster than alternative DFEs.

The new server expands the performance advantage with EFI’s breakthrough Fiery HyperRIP offering, which boosts processing speeds up to 55 percent compared to performance without HyperRIP.

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