Live demo of Lombardi Synchroline & Vinsak LSR


– Open House at A&A Labels, Gurgaon showcases
the world of possibilities with Lombardi Synchroline

VINSAK hosted an Open House at A&A Labels, Gurgaon, India to officially introduce the Lombardi Synchroline Flexo press. Synchroline is the last generation press of Lombardi Company with its widest application, flexibility and smart electronics. This universal press has been designed for facing all the challenges of label & packaging industry. The machine is suited to label production, packaging and general substrate printing with its servo motor technology and its high-tech software features which allows to print without any limitation on the kind of different substrates like BOPP, PVC, PE, PET, Paper, adhesive paper, board, coupled board material etc. The high level of atomisation allow to reduce to the minimum the skills of operator, material waste, set up time & still offering the highest print quality in a Flexo system.

According to Anubhav Jain of A&A Labels, he had seen the machine in Italy in January 2015 and in the first week of June, they installed the Lombardi. They wish to convert 5 lac sq m per month with this machine. “Even if we reach 3 lac sq m per month, it is worth it,” he said. At present, A&A Labels is converting 3-4 lac sq m per month.

While, Saurabh Jain added, “At present, our turnover caters to 25 percent liquids, 40 percent pharmaceuticals, 25 percent cosmetics and 25 percent miscellaneous jobs. With this machine, we can cater to even wider range of customers. Since this is a 17” wide machine, the wastage is less and quality is better. The online support is brilliant for this machine.”

At the occasion, Massimo Lombardi of Lombardi remarked, “This is our first installation in India, the market is looking for high-quality solution. India is a market with attitude as they are technology-oriented but at the same time look for high quality at competitive pricing. Lombardi can give value addition, service and customer support. Creed Engineers is our dealer for India, Emirates and central African countries.” As a message to Indian printers and converters, he said, “Never stop looking for technology. Even in crisis, invest in new technology. If you stop, you die.”

The universal press of Lombardi Company was presented along-side the VINSAK LSR range of Slitter rewinders with 100 percent defect detection systems. The event gave a unique opportunity to Indian printers and converters to see the equipment performing in Indian conditions and also the entire workflow for the narrow web industry. The open house was followed by a seminar where all the aspects of flexo for packaging were discussed including pre-press, press, post press and special applications and an interactive panel discussion to discuss the current and future market trends in India.

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