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ColorJet unpacking new METRO and FABJET-DUO textile printers


A truly advanced industrial grade digital textile printer, ColorJet announces the unpacking of its latest METRO textile printer, which incorporates well the latest technology and efficient engineering to meet the ever growing demands for textile graphics. Compatible to work with all types of inks like reactive acid disperse and pigment, this new textile printer weaves magic on a variety of fabrics, ranging from 0.1 mm to 30 mm, covering cotton, polyester, silk, viscose, wool, nylon, acetate and various blended fabrics. With remarkable properties, METRO can suit all the needs of textile printing business and delivers in the least payback period.

METRO has been synchronized and engineered specifically to produce the best results with pigment inks. Its unique value proposition for customers is the synchronised technology to ensure smooth firing of jetting assembly for faster and smoother productions with pigment inks. Automatic temperature control enables the printheads in this printer to deliver same print results with pigment inks, while specially integrated VPC technology ensures smooth flow of pigment ink for uninterrupted production runs. METRO delivers excellent quality prints by virtue of seven colour inks without compromising on speed.

The second innovative textile printer from ColorJet, FABJET-DUO has the ‘Power of Two’ in one machine. This printer has a dual ink supply system which gives one the freedom to choose between any two of the three inks, Reactive, Disperse and Pigment and thus by just a flick of a switch, the printer becomes a reactive or pigment or disperse ink printer. So now rather than investing in two machines, textile printers have the option to use just one machine for printing with two of the three inks. FABJET-DUO offers access to printing cotton and polyester fabrics on the same machine and also makes for a perfect solution for sampling as well as mass production. Moreover, this printer is ideal for printing of home textiles too as it has a width of 3.2 m.

According to Pavan Kumar, group director, ColorJet mentioned that these two textile printers have been developed from collaborative and inventive R&D to ensure industry needs, like smaller footprints and high energy efficiency.

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