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Hewlett Packard splits into two public companies


With effect from November 01, 2015, Hewlett Packard (HP) has separated into two new companies—Hewlett Packard Enterprise and HP Inc. The first is for HP’s market leading enterprise technology infrastructure, software and services businesses and the second comprises the company’s market-leading PCs and printing businesses. The brand ‘logo’ of the company returns the same and HP shareholders will own shares of both the companies. Meg Whitman, president and CEO, HP said that the decision to split HP into two companies underscored their commitment to the turnaround plan. “It will provide each new company with the independence, focus, financial resources, and flexibility they need to adapt quickly to market and customer dynamics,” she added.

What should the printing industry expect from the split? Now, HP Inc consists of three separate divisions: PCs, 2D and 3D printings. In this, 2D division is for the company’s ever existing traditional printing, which includes Graphic Art business and related activities. This new move of the company shows that the position of its Graphics Art business revenues is now positioned better to stand successfully on its own. As there were only two divisions (PCs and 2D printing) before the split, the new and additional 3D printing division, headed by Steve Nigro, senior vice president, Imaging and Printing, HP, has set a new path of innovations the company has ever taken. Meg mentioned that HP Inc is now well positioned to deliver innovations across the traditional markets as well as the extended 3D arena.

Meanwhile, Hewlett Packard Enterprise has a unique portfolio and strong multi-year innovation roadmap across technology infrastructure, software and services to allow customers to take full advantage of the opportunities presented by cloud, big data, security and mobility in the New Style of IT. By leveraging its HP Financial Services capability, Hewlett Packard Enterprise is positioned to create unique technology deployment models for customers and partners. Additionally, it intends for HP Financial Services to continue to provide financing and business model innovation for customers and partners of HP Inc. Now the new incarnation of HP sees 2016 as an exciting year ahead.

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