Over 150 flock to OFT GmbH Open House to view first Scodix Foil System in Europe


Scodix, the leader in digital enhancement solutions for the graphic arts industry, installed the first Scodix Foil system in Europe. The company conducted an open house in Neuss (located just over 10 kilometers from Düsseldorf) for business partners and customers from all over Europe at OFT headquarters. The resulting standing-room-only event introduced over 150 European leading service providers and partners to the new capabilities now available via the Scodix Foil Station.

“The event targeted some of the most sophisticated, yet demanding clients in all of Europe, and introduced them to a whole new perspective,” noted OFT Founder Thomas Glasder. “We showed them, in person, how previous expectations of turnaround, quality standards, and capabilities concerning short-to-medium size foil production runs are now archaic. We’re proud to say we inaugurated a sea change moment for our many distinguished guests, and within our office walls.”

“The presentation was really tailored to how this traditionally analog and costly application, once so time consuming, has evolved into a digital effect that really meets and exceeds our turnaround and quality needs,” pointed out Daniel Burkhardt, CMO of German partner Mabeg Systems GmbH. “Scodix Foil opens up a new array of services to offer our clients, all the while with the added possible benefits of personalisation. I’m excited about introducing it to our market.”

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