New Shree-Lipi 7.4 software


Modular Infotech, one of the leading developers of multilingual software, has recently released new version of its flagship software Shree-Lipi 7.4, designed with enhanced conversion utility, spell checker and new symbol fonts. “The new version is compatible right from Windows XP upto Windows 10 and it can be used in 32 and 64 bit operating systems as well as applications,” remarked Pradeep Satpute, regional manager-marketing, Modular Infotech Pvt Ltd, adding that a number of new attractive fonts are added for users. All the features of Shree-Lipi 7.4 package have been designed from the user perspective.

Continuous upgradation of technologies has made Shree-Lipi an ideal choice for various printing segments, including newspaper production houses, publishing firms and media platforms. The company is also offering cost effective solutions for e-paper, news management, advertise management, e-book publishing, etc. Modular Infotech has set to carry out road-shows, customer clinics, exhibitions, seminars and so on across the country to create awareness about the use of licensed copy software and direct interaction with customers.

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