Large printing house in India opts for all-in-one technology from HC MOOG


Hyderabad based Pragati Pack Private Ltd has recently installed the multi-function machine 1-TBR Compact from HC MOOG. Pragati Pack is a subsidiary of the Pragati group of Indian printing houses and has specialised in the packaging market.

“A dream come true”

Although the new all-in-one machine from HC MOOG is just one of the many machines of Pragati Pack, CEO Hemanth Paruchuri thinks that it holds a special position. “I had this investment on my mind ever since we visited an open house of MOOG in 2010,” he explains. For cost reasons, however, the company bought a comparable machine from China, and had to learn the lesson that comparability at best existed on paper. The technology did not deliver what the manufacturer had promised. Paruchuri decided to sell that machine and buy the MOOG 1-TBR Compact. “Actually, I am glad that we finally managed to make this decision,” he says. “Because having a MOOG to produce on in future gives the feeling of a dream come true.”

From technology “Made in Germany“, Pragati Pack not only expects to get maximum quality, reliability and durability, but, above all, the ability to produce packaging solutions of even higher quality for customers from all over the world. The 1-TBR Compact is designed as a multifunctional printing, embossing and finishing machine and turns even the most complicated packaging designs into products with maximum precision. At the same time, its allin- one concept ensures economic efficiency and freedom of design.

Printing, embossing and finishing with one machine

The printing method used is sheet-fed gravure printing, which allows image resolutions of up to 10,160 dpi in combination with laser-exposed photopolymer printing plates. Such resolutions even enable the application of “hidden images” on packages as integrated counterfeit protection. In addition, conventional, globally available printing cylinders can be used. The 1-TBR Compact combines this high print quality with flexible finishing processes. It is possible to use metallic pigments and pearlescent inks, glossy and matt coatings, functional coatings as well as special haptic effect coatings. In conjunction with the integrated embossing technology, the modular machine produces packages with an elegant look that attract customers at the point-of-sale and fascinate them by their fine play of light on the printed and embossed surfaces. Highprecision decorative and 3D embossing can be produced as easily as security and microembossed elements. Dryer modules based on infra-red, hot air or UV technologies supplement the multi-function concept. Thanks to the precise ink metering and high ink variability, the drying process can be fine-tuned to the individual job. This saves energy and contributes to the economic efficiency of the machine, which is additionally supported by the minimised startup waste in sheet-fed printing.

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