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360-degree direct printing on cylindrical products now possible!


Mimaki Engineering Co Ltd is set to launch Kebab MkII and Kebab MkII L options which can be installed to the UV inkjet printer UJF-3042MkII, UJF-6042Mk II, UJF-7151 plus and enable printing 360-degree directly on various cylindrical objects.

Kebab MkII/Kebab MkII L is an option unit of the high-accuracy, high-image quality, high-production and high-performance flatbed UV inkjet printer UJF-7151 plus, specially developed for the new model, released in 2016, flatbed UV inkjet printer“UJF-3042MkII and UJF-6042MkII.

Using the rotary rollers, the Kebab option rotates the object, allowing printing on the entire surface of the cylindrical item. The Kebab option enables printing on various cylindrical objects with length ranging from 300mm, in the case of UJF-3042MkII to maximum 600mm in the case of UJF-6042MkII. The option Kebab MkII L can also be installed on UJF-7151 plus. Minimum and maximum diameter of cylindrical products range is from 10mm to 110mm, and it can include wine and water bottles, seals, candles etc, making it possible to print single on-demand original products.

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