Mobile devices: becoming the life line for the printing industry


Life has changed with the use of mobile devices. Now everything is available at our fingertips. That’s why organisations are rethinking how to use mobile devices to engage with their customers and other stakeholders, and printing is no exception, finds out Varsha Verma. It is estimated that around 80% of millennials keep their smartphones by their side 24×7. Almost 80% use their phones before making a purchase. What’s more? Almost 90% of smartphone users begin their search as brand-neutral and 51% of users have discovered new companies and products through their mobiles.

Thus, mobile has changed the way we shop and access information. The world has converged into our hand-held device, making it an important tool for marketing.

Innovation is a key to growth, competitiveness and success for any organisation. It also pays to be cost-effective. Service providers, thus, need to embrace mobile technology for their benefit. Mobiles can not only help them drive business for their organisation, but can also enhance their customer base.

Apps for print service providers…

For this, print service providers can offer mobile apps, though which customers can order print on the go. They can also browse their website and order through PC and tablets. This print app needs to be fully integrated into its print production workflow of the organisation, so that customers can order inventoried or print-on-demand print materials online. This app will offer supply chain management benefits such as waste reduction, output security, time-saving and also cost–effective. It will also offer real-time analytics.

QR codes…

Another important use of mobile is of course the cross-linking with printed materials. For example, many brands are including a QR code on all printed promotions, which can be scanned to bring the user straight to a personalized web page. Also, apps can be used for loyalty rewards, unique offers, promotions, and digital receipts. Vouchers and loyalty statements can be then created, printed, and mailed directly to the customer.

Augmented reality…

Use of Augmented reality (AR) in print is another booming trend. AR is a technology that allows a camera on a webcam or mobile phone to overlay a picture or piece of other digital content onto the camera display. Thus, marketers are using codes, icons or pictures in the printed collaterals, which people can scan on their mobile, which then takes them to relevant web pages. Thus, brand owners can add video clips, 3D models, games, enhanced photographs that move and speak to the AR code – thus enhancing the printed material.

Thus, service provides need to make investments in infrastructure and understand that mobile is an integral part of any customer engagement. So, let’s use the technology for the betterment of our industry.

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