PackPlus 2017, New Delhi: a bigger & better show


Around 80 product launches and more than 250 live demos of products witnessed during the expo Being a platform where industry people would catch every bit of latest technologies and solutions pertaining to total packaging, processing and supply chain, PackPlus 2017 this year had more than 375 exhibitors showing marvels of machines, materials and the whole allied products on a bigger and better show floor spread across the Hall 9-12 and 12A of Pragati Maidan in New Delhi. Jyaneswar Laishram brings a flashback of the landmark expo organised from August 03-06, 2017. PackPlus 2017 pulled hordes of potential crowds of trade visitors comprising MSMEs, large enterprises and others, who gratifyingly explored the expo showing packaging solutions that come under all budgets, providing them fresh opportunities to kick-start new business. The expo pulled a huge crowd right from the first day—more than 7500 focused trade visitors thronged the expo on the first two days.

Key machines/products showcased by a host of leading manufacturers and suppliers from India and aboard during the four days of the expo were for assorted range of segments, such as paper bags, paper cups, non-woven bags, rigid boxes and others. Paper bag making machines, priced between INR 3-10 lakhs, were shown by some key exhibitors, namely, Avtar Mechanical Works, RVM Controls, UP Group (Shanghai), UPG International Trading, among others.

Capped within a price range of INR 5-15 lakhs, paper cup making machines presented by AKR Machinery, Elegant International, Pritul Machines, Vardhman Packaging and others at the expo were of advanced features, which would require little space for installation, ideal for people looking for new business prospects in the market. Demonstrating live at the show were lines of non-woven bag making machines, available in the range of INR 20-25, shown by some of the leading manufacturers, such as Prosper Group, Fair Deal Engineers, Sahil Graphics and others.

Priced a bit higher than others, approximately between INR 1.5-6 crore, rigid box making machines were also the main crowd pullers at the expo. The exhibitors exhibiting such high-end packaging systems at the expo included Zhongke India, NBG Printographic and 3S Graphic Solutions.

Key product launches

PackPlus 2017 had around 80 new product launches. Among them, a key launch was of Ajit Industries Pvt Ltd (AIPL)’s new Surface Protection Tape. The new BOPP Tape from the company is available in five variations—Brown, Transparent, Coloured, Printed and Low Noise. The company’s range of tapes is designed perfectly for various industrial applications. Their range includes BOPP Tape, Security Packing Tape, Brown Craft Paper Tape, Crepe Paper Tape, HDPE Tape, Residue-Free Packing Tape and others. Headquartered in Delhi, AIPL boasts of its choices of pressure sensitive self adhesive industrial tapes and die-cuts available through its pan-India distribution network.

Another key launch at the expo was from ATE—ViewAXIS Mega vision system, a next-generation web viewing system that delivers superior process monitoring, thus enabling operators to locate defects and take necessary action. The vision system is equipped with an energy efficient LED strobe light for sharp, accurate and high-resolution images at high production speeds. “In today’s competitive and quality conscious environment, precise web viewing is no longer a luxury, but a pre-requisite for printers. Keeping this in mind and considering our domain expertise and an in-house skill set covering software and hardware development we eventually embarked upon the development of ViewAXIS Mega vision system, in the in line of our philosophy: ‘invent in India’, said Anand Mehta, VP-Print and Packaging Business Unit at ATE.

At the expo, Uflex announced the launch of its Easy-Scoop-Lock-Tight Pitcher Bag that effortlessly dispenses controlled portions of the product packed inside. The 4-panel bag comes with a reinforced handle on the side gusset spelling tremendous ease of carrying. Additionally the block bottom allows the bag to stand up without taking any support thereby enhancing the brand visibility. Easy-Scoop-Lock-Tight Pitcher Bag is made of multi-layered laminate depending upon the barrier properties required by the product to be packed inside.

Elesa & Ganter, one of the leading producers of plastic and metal products with unique designs, launched a line of EBR-PN handles made of glass-fibre reinforced with polyamide-based technopolymer, grey-black colour and matte finish during the expo. The handles are equipped with light-blue, glossy finish push button that allows the direct drive of a single acting or double acting pneumatic actuator. EBR-PN is supplied with quick couplings for direct fitting of a tube of 4 mm for pneumatics. The handles are available in standard executions, such as: EBR-PN-3/2-NO (pneumatic valve is normally open.

Introduced new at the expo, Ace Products, manufacturer and exporter of packaging machines and materials, unpacked a new range of packaging machines and materials, which included the Excelpack Series L Sealer (APLS 1520) and 2-in-1 Chamber Type Shrink Packaging Machine (APC 5540HD) as well as Purewrap Cling Film—a food grade cling film from Malaysia—which is manufactured using selected high-quality resins of 10 microns onward.

During the expo, Vijaya Grafiks Inc/Prem India announced their tie-up with the Italian company Ideal Tech, launching the latter’s range of tank melting systems, such as Ideal Melt 5 and 12. These tank melting systems offer advantageous prices, optimal performances, reliability and modality. In addition, Vijaya Grafiks also presented the Ideal Tech ID Press Pur 2, a block melter to fill glue tank, alongside a newly introduced carton folding gluing system.

Yet another big launch at the expo was from KODI, which announced its new Nuzen IR-377 inspection machine at the expo. Nuzen IR-377 is capable to run at 500 mpm and its key features include shaftless unwinder and rewinder for easy handling. The system is capable to run with both side roll movement. Nuzen IR-377 features accurate auto tension control with load cell (close loop). Another added feature of the machine is its accurate defect detector at inspection area. Launched on the other side was Axl 50i CIJ inkjet printer from Domino Printech India. The inkjet printer is designed for continuous production, to be maintained with optimum line availability as it will make no need for specialist skills or tools. The system is equipped with i-Pulse printhead and inks with perfect drops and it is Industry 4.0 compatible.

NBG Printographic Machinery announced the launch of a new Fangbang paper bag machine, which was carried out in addition to its existing Hongming automatic rigid box line. “Our collaboration with Fangbang has magnified our packaging machine portfolio with a new vertical—paper bag making. This (Fangbang) line is widely accepted globally for its eco-friendless, particularly in the countries where plastic bags are totally banned. The same will hold true in India in future as ban on plastic bags is fully implemented,” said Nitin Garg, director, NBG Printographic Machinery Co Pvt Ltd.

A new versatile SLITTO 450 slitter rewinder was what Faridabad-based Vikas Engineers launched. The machine is a duplex rewinding system designed for versatile productivity at optimum level. The added features in the slitter include differential shaft, touch screen interface, automated closed deep tension control, among others. In addition, SLITTO 450 slitter rewinder also features with unwind mechanisms like pneumatic unwind, digital age/line web guide system, so on.

Live demos

Among the attractions at PackPlus 2017 were the live demonstrations of more than 200 machines and technologies. Naph Graphics’ live showcase of its high-speed SLITLINE 35 slitter rewinder pulled huge crowd. Designed to slit diverse range of materials, SLITLINE 35 slitter rewinder from Naph Graphics can handle material with maximum web length of 1300 mm at the mechanical speed of 350 m/m. The range of materials that can be handled by the slitter include plain, coated and metallised films of 12-200 microns; film, foil or paper laminates of 12-200 microns; and paper & board of 40-200 gsm. It also handles the materials in maximum rewind diameter of 450 mm and maximum unwind diameter of 1000 mm. Maximum slit width of the machine is 50 mm.

Also, demonstrated live were a line of Fair Deal Engineers’ non-woven machines at the company’s stall. In addition to non-woven portfolio, the company also showcased mini offset machine and two-colour satellite bag printing machine live. In the portfolio showing live, the company also included other machines designed for envelope making, fully automatic box type bag making machine, flexo printing machine, variable data printing machine, answer sheet numbering machine and others.

Automation around

A big buzzword at PackPlus 2017 was ‘automation’ as a host of leading machine manufactures, converters, material suppliers and a host of their alliances presented automated machines and solutions, announcing newer concepts and technologies for packaging solutions. The exhibitors showing an array of highly automated state-of-the-art packaging machines and solutions included Hilda Automation, Worldpack Automation Systems, Labthink, AV Automation, among others. “Automation is the key to innovative solutions in packaging these days,” said Munish Dhingra of Clear Packaging. In a similar tone, Nitish Pandey of Hilda Automation shared that they presented their complete line of filing-sealing-labelling machines, all automated.

Among those showing high-end automated systems at the expo included Worldpack Automation Systems, which presented a line of ‘world-class’ labeling machines. “Our partners are Seimens, Panasonic and Allen-Bradely, with some popular clients like Patanjali, Colgate, Himalaya,” mentions Rajesh Bains of Worldpack Automation Systems Pvt Ltd. AV Automation offered range of automation equipments. “We are presenting Baumer-made sensor solutions, Puls electronics from Turkey for weighing solutions as well as Wieland Electric (Germany),” said Bhusan Diwan, director, AV Automation. The company displayed Emko Electronics products (for which they are pan-India distributor) at its stall.

Machines sold

Many exhibitors at PackPlus 2017 sold their machines during the expo. Of them, Naph Graphics sold their ever-demanded SLITLINE 35 slitter rewinder to Swam Packaging in Delhi. “SLITLINE 35 can handle materials of any type, which may include plain or coated films, as well as metallised film of 12-200 microns,” said Ashu Bharaj of Naph Graphics. SLITLINE 35 was introduced last year at the PackPlus 2016. “We never expected that the expo would help us to pull customers in a big way. Since then, we have received tremendous enquiries, and so far, SLITLINE 35 has been sold to four companies; and the latest being Swam Packaging in Delhi-NCR,” asserted Ashu, adding that participation in PackPlus is always fruitful.

On other side of show floor, Zhongke India sold its TL-780 foil stamping and die-cutting machine to Dimple Packaging, Ludhiana. TL-780 is designed for hot stamping, die-cutting, pressing convex, creasing, etc. The machine is composed of four parts—main motor, hot stamping, auto feeder and electric equip. It takes maximum sheet size of 780x560mm and minimum of 280×220 mm. During the expo, Banke Bihari Packaging finalised CRM Solution from Flexibiz ERP. Flexibiz ERP products, such as CRM Solution, are unique and specially designed for the packaging industry. The company has been providing software solutions to a number of leading packaging majors like Uflex Limited, since 1988. GPS location tracking features, leads import by scan picture of business cards and job estimation modules are very convincing modules in the CRM Solution, which is available as mobile apps on Android, iPhone as well as desktop applications which are very user friendly. Zed Pack, sister concern of Banke Bihari Packaging, shall also use the newly ordered Flexibiz CRM Solution.

Key showcases

As part of the league of exhibitors attracting crowd, QuadTech presented ColorTrack Workflow, which is highly advanced colour control software. The workflow colour control software is acclaimed worldwide for its consistent and unique capability. Hemant Desai, general manager-operation & sales, QuadTech said the software is popular among all printing majors who are conscious about perfect accuracy in colour control.

While, HP India presented a complete packaging solution—right from customised goods upto ‘pack & fly’ items. The company collectively showcased products under four separate categories: Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Grocery and Pack & Fly. “All the packaged and packaging items we are showing here at our stall are printed on the HP Indigo Digital Press,” said Abhishek Bhatnagar, country market development manager, Graphics Solutions Business-Indigo, HP India. The company’s whole gamut of showcases indicates a new paradigm shift which digital press is bringing into packaging printing. In this respect, Abhishek said the core competency of HP Indigo is that it takes on wide varieties of unconventional substrates, taking packaging printing/production to a new level.

Labthink Instruments at its stall showed material testing instruments, perfectly designed for testing packaging materials for water resistance, tensile, etc. The company showcased RT-01 Rub Tester, CHYT-CB Thickness Tester, FST-02 Thermal Shrinkage Tester, i-Boxtek 1700 Box Compressor Tester, among others. On other side, Valco Melton at its stall showcased the world-class gluing system Valco Melton, redefining how ‘gluing’ can be done efficiently and cost-effectively, by demonstrating its range of products in two sections—All Electric and ERO.

Attractively showcased at the stall of Any Graphics were innovations for rigid box packaging, which was definitely a crowd-puller. The shelves of the company’s stall were filled with packaging boxes designed for diverse market domains, which consisted of pharmaceutical, cosmetics, groceries and more.

Clear Packaging, a popular name for manufacturing and exporting of world-class packaging materials in India, was showing its range of products at the expo. The company’s products are designed for packaging and many other segments including advertising and displays as well. The products shown at their stall consisted of Blister, PVC/PET Transparent Boxes, Tray PVC/HIPS/Velvet and other customised solutions.

Demonstrating at Mehta Cad Cam Systems’ stand were two versatile laser marking and coding machines, which are designed perfectly for packaging and other allied applications. Models of the machines were LJ-20F and 30F Fibre Laser Cutters for laser marking on packaged products. And CO2 is yet another laser marking machine that was also shown at the company’s stall. The filling gas in this machine is carbon dioxide, thus is the name.

On other side of the show floor, TWIN Engineers demonstrated adhesive pump mixer for solventless lamination. This Pune-headquartered TWIN Engineers at its Stall 06 in Hall 12A is demonstrating the state-of-the-art NexGen 2K Adhesive Pump (Mixer) for solventless lamination. Designed in Germany with the most advanced features, this adhesive pump mixer is attributed with advanced features, such as Maintenance Pop-Ups (SMS and e-mail); Smart Data Logging and Report; Built-in e-Manual and Videos. With more than 20 years of expertise in mixing and dispersing, TWIN has been working as a trusted partner with top laminator manufacturers across the country. Bhawna Bhatnagar from TWIN shared that they are satisfied with the overall layouts and visitors’ traffic at the expo.

Mona Equipments, known for its range of highly engineered slitters, showcased its versatile range of equipments during the expo. The company’s crowd-pulling product line at the stall consisted of Mona+ Plus Doctor Blades, which are available in versatile models and diversities. Dinesh Tiwari from Mona Equipments shared that the expo is quite helpful to meet up with the right customers and traders. “There is something new and persuasive in every edition of PackPlus. This year, the expo has magnified its show floor, and we are quite happy with the footfalls and business enquiries we receive during the expo,” he added.

Rewinder machine manufacturer Kalpvrux showcased their popular ZiPKompac and Omniwind. ZiPKompac is next-generation machine with high productivity and world class finished product quality. Its design is focused on enhanced productivity and operational excellence. On other hand, Omniwind is bidirectional high speed rewinder encompassed with fictionless ‘dancer’ control, which compensates for roll inertia, thus it can handle all kinds of films and substrates. The machine can even handle narrow web extensible film. Likewise, Nitta Corp displayed wide range of conveyer and transmission belts, which are suitably made for diverse industrial segments, such as printing, packaging, paper, food and confectionaries.

PackPlus 2017 had set a right platform for taking business to a new level. Exhibitors at the expo were privileged to meet up with the right and focused trade visitors, who are packaging experts and representing multinational firms. The visitors, according to the exhibitors, are the experts who could guide them to know about the future technology requirement and where to invest.

International Packaging Conclave 2017 Pvt Ltd, organisers of PackPlus 2017, in collaboration with the ink major Siegwerk, hosted the International Packaging Conclave 2017, on the sidelines of the expo. The conclave under the theme ‘Safe Packaging for A Better Tomorrow’ had a host of keynote speakers from the industry and allied sectors who talked and discussed at length about ‘packaging compliance’ during the course of the landmark conclave.

The conclave was sectioned into three sessions. The first session was on Product Safety: Risk Assessment of Packaging Material, which was chaired by Ashish Pradhan from Siegwerk India, with panelists including Barun Banerjee from Nestle India, Saikat Acharya from GlaxoSmithKline and others. In the follow-up session, Dr Joerg Peter Langhammer from Siegwerk India hosted a panel of speakers with the discussion revolving around the topic Migration and Toxicology: A Threat To Consumer Safety. Dr Albert Delbanco from Siegwerk India and Prof VP Sharma from the Indian Institute of Toxicology Research were among the panelists who took on the topic at a deeper and expansive level.

The third session titled ‘Packaging Compliance: Connecting The Dots’ was chaired by Dr Albert Delbanco, accompanied by a panel of speakers comprising SN Venkataraman from ITC PPSD, Dr Joerg Peter Langhammer, among others. With all thought-provoking speeches, ideas and interactions carried across the three sessions, the conclave marked a successful discourse over ‘packaging safety’. The panelists shared methodologies and processes to test and develop packaging standards, which in turn could reduce or eliminate contamination risks from packaging material, be it substrate, ink, adhesive.

The conference was attended by brand owners and a multitude of industry stalwarts, who were elated by the ideas on ‘requirements for packaging safety.’

PackPlus 2017 made everyone feel good and satisfied

PackPlus has lived up to its reputation as the expo has been expanding year after year in every edition in terms of the size and visitors’ traffic. This year, every exhibitor nodded satisfactorily for the fact that they received tremendous positive feedbacks and enquiries, which can surely be converted into business in the days to come. Even sales of machines during PackPlus 2017 were a common sight. Mohit Bansal of Naph Graphics said ever since they participated in PackPlus 2016, showing SLITLINE 35 Slitter Rewinder, enquiries on the machine poured in and four machines were sold at the show. In the similar tone, Arun Kumar Bhat from AIPL said the expo is the best platform to meet up with their end-customers as well as trading partners.

Being a regular participant in PackPlus, Ravi Kiran from Valco Melton was yet another contented exhibitor. “It is really good to be in PackPlus. This year, the expo is quite improved in terms of layout and trade visitors,” he said. Vikram Singh from Ace Products also mentioned that the expo has always turned out to be a right meeting point for their existing customers as well as new ones.

Vikas Engineering, a debutant in PackPlus 2017 and manufacturer of slitter rewinder machines, was also among the host of satisfied exhibitors. “We introduced our new Slitto 450 duplex slitting rewinding machine here in this expo; we are fulfilled with the enquiries we received from the visitors and way the expo is organised,” said Vivek Gautam of Vikas Engineering, adding they will participate in every edition of PackPlus in future.

Nitin Garg, director, NBG Printographic Machinery rated PackPlus 2017 as one of the best expos on total packaging, processing and supply chain. The company introduced Fangbang fully auto roll-fed square bottom paper bag machine at the expo, alongside their popular Hongming automatic rigid box line.

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