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Update on platesetters and processors from VINSAK


When film has dried up, and outsourcing is becoming expensive and unreliable, it is key to re-invent your business and its profitability. It is also challenging to look for opportunities
that are dramatically different from what you are used to. New ways to operate your business successfully are essential. For the purpose, Creed Engineers now offers VINSAK TPS1160
thermal platesetter, a technologically sophisticated solution that helps printers make a quantum leap in a comfortable manner.
VINSAK TPS1160 is direct-to-plate and easy to operate and highly productive thermal platesetter, providing a blazing speed of 24 plates per hour. This platesetter can image 8-up plate at
300 lpi, giving printers an extremely smooth tonal gradation. Advanced optic technology, enables fine registration of colour over colour when printed.
Similarly, when the throughput in a processor is not up to the mark, it can be a limiting factor to the overall productivity of printers–even if one has a highly efficient platesetter. Key to
be being highly productive is to ensure that the overall efficiency across the value chain in plate making is maintained. And, a robust and versatile plate processor, therefore, becomes key
in this value chain. Observing that Creed Engineers also offers Vinsak TPP 1300 thermal plate processor that compliments the platesetter’s overall throughput.
Built keeping the printer’s every day production needs in mind, Vinsak TPP 1300 thermal plate processor is an intelligent and robust solution, ensuring high throughput of plate delivering to
reliably. Developed to process plates of varying thickness, this processor is very flexible to accommodate varying processing conditions to suit the needs of the innumerable plates in the market.
With a wide latitude on developing temperature, time, brush speed and dry time, any processing need of a plate can be accomplished, providing speed in a manner that presses need not to wait
long for the plates.

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