Iwao Miyakoshi heads Japan Printing Machinery Association


Japan Printing Machinery Association (JPMA) has elected Iwao Miyakoshi as its chairman. JPMA is an industrial association whose members are mainly the manufacturers and venders of printing machinery, bookbinding machinery, paper converting machinery and peripheral equipments in Japan. Also, JPMA is the one of the member of Global Print which is an international federation of the printing machinery associations of ten leading countries.

“In recent years, we see the tremendous diversification towards information media and major reduction in manufacturing. Printing industry is facing challenges in introducing more value-added print, on-demand printing and other innovative printing. I strongly feel that the printing industry needs to get over this adversity and go towards right direction,” said Iwao Miyakoshi.

“Next year, we shall hold JGAS 2013 in October, and I believe that many new products and new technologies, which were announced at drupa 2012, will be showcased in fully functional model. We will do our best to promote JGAS 2013 to attract international and domestic visitors by planning interesting programmes such as solutions for digital printing, environmental issues and others towards which printing industry is struggling,” he added.

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