Thai printer to further increase production capacity with Goss


-invests in second Goss M-600 commercial web press with sheeter to open new opportunities

After becoming the first Goss M-600 user in Thailand in 2009, Siam Print, part of the Kilen Printing Group, has ordered a second Goss M-600 press to meet growing demands for higher quality production and longer print runs. The press, which is scheduled for installation in Bangkok early next year, will also complement seven sheetfed presses.

The new M-600 press for Siam Print, chosen primarily for its high print quality, will incorporate a number of the latest-generation automation features to ensure maximum efficiency and low makeready waste. These include the enhanced Goss Autoplate automatic plate-changing functionality. The press will also be equipped with a Goss folder with delta fold capability, a Goss Ecocool dryer, an SH40 splicer and a Vits Rotocut S sheeter. The Rotocut is now included in the extended range of ancillary equipment available from Goss International, following the company’s acquisition of Vits Print at the end of 2011.

As per Sorraphan Sitthisuk, managing director at Siam Print, the company’s existing presses are currently running at full capacity, and in the competitive commercial print market there is no time to keep customers waiting. “We’ve always been very satisfied with the service and aftersales support from Goss International, so a second M-600 press was the next obvious step for us when we found ourselves running at capacity. We know from our own experience that the M-600 press can match the quality of our sheetfed presses. Moving some existing jobs onto the new press will open new opportunities for us.”

The Goss M-600 16-page web offset press has been specifically designed to deliver high-quality print and vibrancy of colour to match the best of sheetfed, as is required for Siam Print’s many print products including magazines, leaflets, brochures and flyers. The configuration of the new press line – particularly, the inclusion of the sheeter and delta fold capability – will allow Siam Print to offer a more interesting range of products and expand its existing customer base.

“The high-quality, low-waste makereadies and investment value of the Goss M-600 are once again proven with a second order from this predominantly sheetfed house. It helps explain why the Goss M-600 is still the world’s best-selling 16-page commercial web press with now close to 2,500 units installed worldwide,” commented Tim Mercy, vice president of commercial press sales for Goss International in the Asia Pacific region.

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