Primera C130 and Bravo S: an ideal duo for both short runs and long runs


Working with new printed products also means new requirements for print finishing. So after installing a 6-colour Komori press last year, and taking into account that new printed products remain just as important while requirements for print finishing continue to evolve, Consolidated Press in Seattle, Washington has put into operation a Primera C130 saddle stitcher to go along with its Bravo S, both from Muller Martini.

“Due to our new signature machine, we are now able to print superior products including covers, all with the best quality,” says the company’s CEO Gary R Stone who has owned and operated the company that was founded in 1934 jointly with CFO Robert T Brown since 1995. “For the shorter print runs, in particular, we need a new solution that have significantly lower changeover times,” says Bob Brown.

That is why Consolidated Press decided in favor of a new Primera C130, which replaced two older Muller Martini saddle stitchers and complements a Bravo S that was put into operation in 2003. The new machine features six flat pile feeders, a cover feeder, a merchandise tipper, inline die cutting for calendars as well as an Apollo compensating stacker.

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