Offset printers to be benefited from Indian made printing blankets


With huge capital investments in procuring state-of-the-art equipments and investing in excess of two years planning and execution of manufacturing plant, Mahalaxmi RubTech Ltd, an ISO 9001:2000 certified public limited company, is all set to introduce Indian made offset printing blankets. Indian offset printing industry has been deprived of choices when it comes to sourcing offset printing blankets. Europe and China manufactured offset blankets are the only available options in the market. The high quality of European blankets has been accompanied with towering costs, shipping obligations and other inconveniences. Chinese blankets, on the other hand, have still not managed to step on the highest pedestal of quality. In this scenario, to meet the demand of offset printers of the country Mahalaxmi RubTech Ltd is on the verge of introducing range of Indian made high quality offset printing blankets. Slated to be launched in November 2012; the manufacturing structure of these blankets is inspired by European processes. The firm has also introduced European manufacturing technology and roped in European consultants to abet its endeavour of offering international quality at Indian prices.

As per a senior spokesperson of Mahalaxmi RubTech Ltd, “Our objectives from the outset have been eloquent. We have believed in good quality, sincere services and new technologies. The venture into offset printing blankets is just an extension of the years of hard work that we have put into textile blankets manufacturing. However it has not been easy understanding the applications of developing and manufacturing of offset printing blankets. We have given specific attention to the minutest details during the manufacturing process. Our continuous research and constant development has enabled us to offer the best offset printing blanket for Indian offset printers. Our focus is neither on low cost cheap quality product nor on offering unaffordable printing blankets that come with lot of additional costs of bulk buying and untimely deliveries, rather our efforts will be to provide reasonable priced high quality blankets offering good value for money. We are certain that dealers and printing houses will find immense value in our offering.”

Mahalaxmi RubTech Ltd, widely known as MRT, has been offering unparalleled rubber textile printing blankets for years, with export to over 25 countries worldwide. It is a part of The Mahalaxmi Group which has pursued excellence for over 40 years, marking its successful presence in the sectors of textiles, chemicals and rubber. It is the integration of these technologies and high quality products that has generated immense value and goodwill for the group. Identifying niches and catering to the needs of the market has always been the specialty of the group.

The Mahalaxmi Group has founded its business on a corporate philosophy of blending conventional and modern technologies, to produce ideal manufacturing solutions. Staying true to this philosophy, the group has hit yet another master stroke by announcing the launch of Indian made offset printing blankets.

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