Demonstrating various cost efficient features of CROMOMAN 4-1


Manroland web systems and The Times of India jointly hosted open house, marking an impressive launch of the world’s first floor mounted CROMOMAN 4-1 press at The Times of India, Pune plant.

Manroland web systems and The Times of India jointly hosted an open house at The Times of India, Pune plant. The prominent attendees from more than 100 print firms from across India and other countries witnessed the live demonstration of the newly launched CROMOMAN 4-1 double width coldset web-offset press from manroland web systems and an overall plant tour of the facility.

Sanat Hazra of The Times of India and Peter Kuisle of manroland web systems at the CROMOMAN open house at The Times of India, Pune.In the live press demonstration, technical experts from manroland web systems demonstrated the various cost efficient features of the press to leading players in the Indian newspaper market and international markets as well. The CROMOMAN 4-1 installed at The Times of India is a first-of-its-kind double width single circumference web offset press in the world. The press is designed especially for emerging markets like India with its space saving design and cost efficient features.

The CROMOMAN 4-1 is a double width, single circumference press with H-type printing units and floor mounted reel stands placed parallel to each other. The press is designed to produce printing speeds of up to 75,000 copies per hour offering various production options such as web width variability and quarter folds. With the compact design, the CROMOMAN can fit into existing buildings thus eliminating the need to construct a special building and thus reducing infrastructure costs drastically. With no air conditioning requirements and a short installation time of just 6-8 weeks, the press offers a higher ROI (return on investment) for the customer. The press has also been tested for printing on Indian grade newsprint. With a height of just 5.4 m, the press can fit into existing pressrooms and significantly reduces overall capital expenditure. Commissioned in February 2012, the press has been successfully meeting the high quality and productivity standards of The Times of India.

Peter Kuisle, executive vice president, manroland web systems GmbH said, “The open house gave us an opportunity to showcase our newest product: CROMOMAN 4-1 to the Indian market and highlight its superior and efficient features in a live press demonstration. We are delighted by the overwhelming response we have received for the product in India and the impressive attendance at the open house. Our technical experts from Germany addressed the queries of the various visitors. The open house was a great success for both The Times of India and manroland web systems.”

‘Demand for serious publications continues’

In today’s age, the audio-visual media has emerged as a dominant medium for quenching the thirst of the target audience for real time news on current affairs, culture and entertainment. Despite this, there remains a real and popular demand for serious publications on topical issues which cannot be substituted by the ‘breaking news’ culture and short-attention span snippets in the domain of the electronic media, conveys Mohd. Hamid Ansari, the vice president of India, addressing the august gathering at the re-launch of Frontline magazine on September 20, 2012 in New Delhi.

“Frontline has always been a stimulant to the mind apart from providing good reading on most matters that I care to spend time on. The need for a remix in Bollywood terms therefore did not arise. Nor was there a need to replace persuasion with titillation. I was assured that the change would be conservatively radical rather than explicitly so,” the VP said, showing his happiness on the re-launch of the Frontline.

“Audience knows that the ‘Hindu group’ has a rich legacy, and current practice, of sustaining its foundational motto of ‘fairness and justice’. Frontline subscribes to it in full measure and will, I am confident, continue to do so. The theme of the debate scheduled for today, on some of the core values of our Constitution, is sufficiently serious, focused and relevant, and testifies to it.

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