APL Machinery offers two new inspection systems


Adapting itself to the changing market demands, APL Machinery Pvt Ltd further increased their business portfolio by offering two inspection solutions from UK based Lake Image Systems. The new offerings from APL include latest generation print quality inspection solutions Discovery PQ and Discovery MultiScan.

Discovery PQ: With high resolution line scan cameras, Discovery PQ is capable of imaging in entire web for continuous printing applications unlike area scan cameras which capture a specific area of a document with one snapshot. Line cameras have a single line array of sensors which process a target moving underneath the camera and build the image one entire line at a time. The system can acquire high resolution image of up to 6000 pixels wide at speeds up to 300 m/min on all presses, narrow web label presses and rewinders.

It immediately identifies print defects such as streaks and voids, alarms notify operators of defective print in real time, user defined tolerances stop false alarms. Defect map gives, coordinates and images of faults within a printed reel for easy identification and removal of defective print. Run-on print is automatically calculated, preventing costly re-work and setup. Comprehensive reporting module for job and print run data assists job scheduling, productivity and quality assurance.

Discovery MultiScan: The print and mail integrity solutions Discovery MultiScan is suitable for real time data integrity and print quality inspection for mail processing, secure printing and label inspection applications. Based in Discovery platform it leads the way in performance, ease of use and flexibility pulling together the images and data from a wide variety of camera and scanner based technologies and allows the implementation of any number of Discovery software tools to read, control, inspect, verify, log and report – providing 100 percent quality inspection and print data integrity.

Discovery MultiScan can read OCR, Barcode, 2D, QR Code, PDF417, Postal Barcodes and OMR.

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